UiTM Medicine – A Voluntary Initiative for International Humanitarian Aid in Cambodia


Faculty of Medicine, Universiti Teknologi MARA, (UiTM) Malaysia in collaboration with Wakaf Cikgu Mat (a representative from one of Cambodia’s personal charity fund) successfully organized an international humanitarian aid programme called UiTM Medicine Meaningful Aid for Humanity (UMMAH) at Kampong Cham and Kampong Cherdial, Tboung Khmum Province, Cambodia from 13th to 17th September 2019. UMMAH basically is an extension of the volunteerism series and it is among the first international volunteerism initiatives by this faculty. Its main aim is to instill the value of making charity a priority as well as to set a benchmark for faculty staff and students on the importance of involvement in volunteering experiences to produce all-rounded healthcare professionals of the future.

A team comprising of 13 student volunteers led by Muhammad ‘Aizat Mohamad ‘Azli, a final year medical student and two Family Medicine Specialist (FMS) lecturers Dr. Ilham Ameera Ismail and Dr. Nafiza Mat Nasir took part in UMMAH. A good six-month planning by the team and with a strong support by the faculty translated into a successful and remarkable volunteerism work. It was not limited to only health screening, but also included health pack distribution, circumcision, dental hygiene demonstration and home visits. This was followed by a successful visit to Faculty of Medicine, University of Puthisastra, Cambodia and a meeting with their top management by team members which marked the first step in forming a long-term linkage for future international collaborations.

At the end of this programme, medical students gained important knowledge on health needs, hardship and struggles of life faced by the community in Cambodia under the supervision of dedicated lecturers who themselves were volunteers. Volunteering in a flood situation in a foreign land with challenges such as crowd control, language barrier, providing health services with limited and basic equipment and living in a madrasah were some of the experiences cherished by both medical students and lecturers. Such experience is certainly an eye-opener to both faculty and students which should be shared with other students at the faculty as well as UiTM so that, the legacy of volunteerism will continue to flourish.

“Reconnect Your World with Experience”

Prepared by- Muhammad ‘Aizat Mohamad ‘Azli, Muhamad Nur Aiman Noor Ali & Ilham Ameera Ismail (Dr.)UiTM
Edited by- Leny Suzana Suddin (Dr.) UiTM
Geetha Subramaniam (Dr) InqkaFellow, UiTM

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