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    Thammasat Engineering Student Shares his Experiences at Internship Program at Tunghai University, Taiwan

    Studying in Thammasat School of Engineering (TSE) gives you more than you think. We create quality graduates and leading staff, to be “more than just being an engineer”.

    Internship abroad is a dream of many students because it is a good opportunity to gain real job experience in world-class and advanced technology companies. They can learn new theories and put them into real practices. It will fulfill and inspire graduating students to create new innovations in the future.

    Recently, a fourth-year student from Industrial Engineering (IE), Faculty of Engineering, Thammasat University or TSE, has a chance to do an internship at Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan. The University was founded in 1955. It is a two-month internship program from June to July 2020. It is a good experience to work abroad and learn about Taiwanese culture. It is a training field for engineering graduates in the future.

    Mr. Sukrit Poonsoombat, a fourth-year student from Industrial Engineering (IE), Faculty of Engineering, Thammasat University or TSE, says that he is interested in doing an internship at Taiwan at Tunghai University, Taichung because it opens for students from many majors, especially Industrial Engineering. Therefore, he can continue with his studies at TSE. Moreover, he wants to study there because he will experience lifestyle, culture, language, and tourist places that cannot be found anywhere else.

    “My inspiration for an internship abroad is personal development and gaining new experience. Internship abroad is a good chance for me to learn how to solve immediate problems and difficulties in terms of language, living, socializing, and working. I will be ready for the real working environment.”

    I will do an internship in Taiwan for 2 months. I plan to arrive 2 days prior to the starting date in order to accustom myself and be ready for the internship. I also learn some basic Chinese, practice English, and study about Taiwanese culture. There is an orientation on the first day that I arrive at Tunghai University. There will be many professional professors welcoming us. There are other Thai students from other universities studying in other fields of study. However, the university will ask us again on what courses we want and take us to see the laboratory.

    For me, I choose to study industrial engineering in order to learn about 3D printing technology and do research. I want to learn about 3D printing from the principal, starting from the design process, 3D printing program, to a practical process. When we do an internship, there will be a coach or Master’s Degree student giving us advice. In the meantime, we have to meet with the professor because every student will give a final presentation about what they learn and practice.

    Mr. Sukrit says that in the first period of the internship, he has to study by himself and read the papers. There will be advice from Master’s Degree students. It is a time that he has to adapt because at first he spent a long time reading a paper in English and tried to understand it. When he reads more, he starts to be able to catch the main points that he should read. The working culture is more like working with friends. There is no seniority, we are all friends so we help each other and give advice on both working, eating, and traveling.

    “It cannot be denied that there are some difficulties when we study abroad. For me, I have difficulties in adapting myself in dealing with the communication of the language, eating behavior, living in a dormitory, and Taiwanese mosquitoes called Xiao Hei Wen. I spent 2 weeks adapting myself and when I adapted, I went for it and did my best.”

    In terms of studying environment in Tunghai University, there are private tables for students to research and create innovations which are reserved for Master’s degree and Doctoral degree students. In some fields of study, students have to study in the laboratory together. In terms of Taiwanese working schedule, they work from Monday to Friday and rest on Saturday and Sunday. For me, my working schedule depends on Master’s degree students and professors around 9 am to 4 pm.

    Normally, we will get a salary when we do an internship in companies but I choose to do it in the university so there is no salary. However, it is not a problem because living expenses in Taiwan are only a little bit higher than in Thailand. If we eat outside, fried rice costs 60-70 baht so it is approximately 100 baht per meal including dessert. Taiwanese bubble tea is cheaper than in Thailand. Daily use products are both cheaper and more expensive than Thailand. In terms of transportation, people use public buses. We can pay money through an easy card in which the first 8 km. is free so when I go to the shopping mall, I don’t have to worry about the transportation cost.

    Apart from learning in the university and lecture from professors and Master’s degree students, out-of-classroom experience is another crucial benefit. For tourist places, my most favorite is He Huan Shan which is a high mountain in Taiwan. It was my most favorite trip because I saw the sunset and the weather was so good.

    Mr. Sukrit tells us about the experience that he got from this internship. At first, I wanted to improve my English and communicate with people. In the end, I have improved my English and received a good experience with my friends which made me have a passion to do things. I have built a good relationship with colleagues and students from other universities. After the internship and returning to TSE, I apply new knowledge to my project about 3D Printing. I have more passion for learning, especially learning English and Chinese for communication.

    For those who are interested in an internship abroad, TSE has opened TSE Internship Abroad 2020 program. For more information, please contact Ms.Pimchada, International Affairs, Faculty of Engineering, Thammasat University, 02-564-3001-9 contact 3075 or https://www.facebook.com/ENGR.THAMMASAT/photos/2522088004728524 or follow Faculty of Engineering activities on www.facebook.com/ENGR.THAMMASAT or website: www.engr.tu.ac

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