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    Training Future Dentists for an Academic Career: A Three-Tiered Model

    The foreseeable lack of dental faculty demonstrated a challenge for dental education as it will adversely influence the training of the next generation of practicing dentists. One method to resolve this issue is to single out students who are interested in an academic career at the predoctoral level and provide them with training in teaching, research and leadership. Formal programmes have been observed to be the best method in familiarising students with academia as a possible career path. A detailed programme can also provide interested students with the relevant skills and fundamental knowledge to kickstart an academic career.

    The University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine has developed a three-tiered model for providing its dental students with exposure to and training in academic dentistry. The three tiers reflect differing levels of commitment: 1) a two-year academic career track program, 2) academic career track elective courses, and 3) extracurricular activities.

    The study’s objective is to offer an initial exploration of the programme’s overall effectiveness. Data were gathered through student and faculty surveys and student applications for the two-year academic career track programme. The data collected included characteristics of, and feedback from, students taking the elective courses and also student and faculty feedback about student teacher effectiveness. The study discovered comprehensive positive feedbacks to the three-tiered programmes from faculty, students and student teachers at this moment. In any case where these students fundamentally become faculty members (the main objective of the programme) is to be further analysed.

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