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    Towards an effective framework for building smart cities: Lessons from Seoul and San Francisco

    This study aims to shed light on the process of establishing a compelling smart city by unifying several practical perspectives and taking into account the smart city characteristics. A framework has been designed to administer case studies exploring how smart cities were being executed in San Francisco and Seoul Metropolitan City. The study’s empirical results revealed that effective, sustainable smart cities are consequences of dynamic processes in which public and private sectors collaborate for the purpose to bringing together their activities and resources on an open innovation platform. The different yet integral linkages created must be further aligned in relation to their developmental stage and embedded cultural and social potentials. The study findings suggest eight ‘stylized facts’ based on both quantitative and qualitative empirical results that is fundamental to the furtherance of an effective smart city. This paper offers useful insights to managers looking to enhance the performance of smart city developmental projects by detailing the facts.

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