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    Tourist resources of the Mangystau region

    Caspian State University of technologies and engineering named  Sh. Yessenov – the firstborn of higher education in the Mangystau region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, successfully carrying out educational and research activities since 1976, based on best international traditions, guided by modern principles and latest trends of development of sphere of educational services. Yessenov University sees its mission in training competitive specialists, able to ensure sustainable socio-economic growth of the Mangystau region. Today, the University provides educational services in 37 undergraduate majors, 15 master’s degree programs.

    Kazakhstan, realizing the potential of the region, began to develop tourist routes and create the necessary infrastructure for this. The Mangistau region as one of the national clusters of the country, entered to the Concept of the development of the tourist industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2020. The Mangystau region is primarily an industrial region produced 25% of Kazakhstan oil; the «sea gates» of Kazakhstan, the region has climatic, historical and cultural potential. Tourism development areas; business tourism; beach tourism; nature and culture; new forms of recreation (Safari, diving, camping in the desert, etc.).

    Aktau – an oasis city, despite the harsh desert climate. Aktau is a heaven of good friends and new discoveries. It is the regional center of Mangystau “the land of 362 saints”.

    There are many capes in the Caspian region. But there is an attraction called the Chalk Cape7 It is the area in Cape Koltyk that was chosen by the pioneers who built a white city near the blue sea.And it was called Aktau half a ctntury ago. People of different nations live on the coast of the Caspian Sea in pease and harmony. Caspian Sea – Sea of Friendship International Festival tarts plase in Aktau many years running. Everything is unigue in this city: Beacon House, Snake House, no streets – just micro districts, the most delicious drinking water, the whitest swans come here every year!

    Sherkala lion mauntain. Some argue that the beautiful Sherkalaresembles  a bowl turned upside down by a sated traveler. Other mountains are Yurt on one side and Hiding ion on the other. Proud Sherkala – willful Sphinx Mountain – is towering in the midst of the desert anl does not tolerate curious onlookers. It is difficult to climb it, and even more difficult to get down, entrance to the cave is prohibited as spirits haunts them, or so the elderiy locals say.Sherkalais considered one of the sacred places of Mangystau. “The life we call happy is at the top and a steep road leads there”.Sherkala or another mountain was referend to by the sage Saadi, but once on top of Sherkala, you fell real pleasure that is called happiness. In the Middle Ages the grean Silk Road passed at the foot of Sherkala. Sherkala is low – only 556 meters – but as it is soaked with blood of the tribes that lived in the neighborhood steeped in legends of bygone years , it attrascts and lures.

    White cliffs area. Akespe or Agaspeyar (a “white valley”, a “white yar”) is an indescribable attraction. Once the KhivaTrast used to go there.Some call this сanyon the Chess Valley. Wandering about the area would bring you to the mountain range which reminds of the Alfin striding grandly after the Bishop. And helpless pawns, huddled together, try to protect their Oueen from the intent look of the traveler – in brief, you find yourself in the White Chess Kingdom. Other travelers argue that Akespe is more like the Valley of Beasts: peering into the canyons you can see the White Dog, Snake, and Eagle sitting on white caves. At sunset alabaster rocks glow remind the traveler the legend called “Moonlit Flock and the Sherpherd who decided to touch the dream”. Chalk hills are like a dream: try to climb on them; they turn into powder leaving a white trail. Dry, cold but beautiful.

    Underground stone mosques are the most outstanding type of all architectural monuments of the Manghistau region. In most cases, they consist of single chambers of rectangular form, carved into the slopes of limestone mountains or hills. As a rule, their entrance apertures are oriented towards the south. In their flat ceilings a round hole is carved out for lighting and ventilating purposes.

    An underground morgue of the complex Masat-Ata has a mihrab in the form of a superficial arch niche in a southern wall, to the west of an entrance aperture; similar niches can be foud in other objects as well. Next to single – chamber mosques  there are also some multi-chamber constructions.There are moskues in the complexes Shopan-Ata, Sultan-Epe, Qaraman-Ata, Esen-Ata and Beket-Ata (in the settlement Old Beyney), as well as the mosgue Beket-Ata (in the district Oglandi in the western upland of Ustyurt). Some of them might have a natural origin.

    The specialty of tourism, which is a leading specialty in the contemporary world, is especially important for our country. At our university, a special audience is created for the development of the necessary flexibility and skills, one of the main conditions for applicants for the selection of university is the presence of a military department, a sports complex for a healthy lifestyle, a comfortable dormitory.

    The university has the necessary material and technical conditions for the quality of the educational process. The logistical support includes the necessary training and auxiliary areas for the educational process, sufficient infrastructure, the provision of the educational process with computing and office equipment, and a sufficient amount of educational materials.

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