These universities are leading the fight against climate change


The Earth is facing a critical environmental crisis and as we race to curb the damage of climate change and other environmental challenges, there seem to be a lack of commitment from politicians, businesses and the public to work together on these issues.

However, environmental scientists are exploring solutions through innovative means to save the planet; including jets that disseminate particles into the stratosphere to impede the earth’s warming and machines that imitate trees to suck carbon dioxide (Co2) out of the air. The scientists responsible for these achievements and the universities that support them are whom we are counting on. The present students of environmental science will follow in their footsteps, termed as the “last generation that can put an end to climate change” by former secretary general for the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon.

Environmental science, the multi-disciplinary branch of STEM that highlights the physical environment and the answer of environmental issues, is currently at the frontier of higher education’s obligation and chance to develop a more sustainable future for everyone.

While some global leaders continue to refute the effects of climate change, universities have developed the University Climate Change Coalition to carry out their research and resources to “help communities expedite climate action”, minimising carbon footprints while gathering business and political leaders together at a forum on best practices in these attainments.

The Climate Leadership Network is another illustration of higher education tapping onto institutional strength, demonstrating that the commitment to climate action through research and action is achievable and should be realised.

Source: studyinternational 

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