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    The Relevance of Art

    The materials used by artists and scientists may differ, however, they are comparable in terms of the process of thought that goes into the attainment of their objectives. While artists think in terms of qualities, color, tone, image, line etc; scientists consider symbols: verbal and mathematical. An artist demonstrates meaning and focuses on the aesthetic of things; while a scientist states meaning and emphasises on the intellectual.

    It is the adversity in communicating the importance of art in a society that results in the focus on a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education in schools. However, it is essential to note the importance of Art in education as well. The recognition of the importance of Art allows students to study Art in depth in a designated learning space in school: The Classroom Museum. This notion helps to underscore the significance of Art to society in the past, present and future. The work of Art helps express the global characteristics of human presence and our continuous process of creating humanity. It is what we as humans do and what we appreciate.

    An exemplary education will include Art education. This is because arts help in the establishment of imaginative expression and critical thinking which not only are fundamental to the excellence of education; these skills are crucial to those who are liable for their own thinking and actions, and who continue to learn outside of school.

    Read the full academic journal.

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