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    THE INNOW, an alternative marketing strategy changes the old fashion poster

    Students from Innovation Management Technological College, Thammasat University create more innovative marketing strategy and some well-known restaurants decide to use the project in the future.

    THE INNOW project
    An alternative marketing way attracts customers by using more innovative style of posters instead of an old fashion one. This is an idea of fourth-year students from Innovation Management Technological College, Thammasat University. The project is also a part of the Service Management and Innovation Seminar course by Assistant Professor Arsa Tangjitsomkit.

    “Karn” Ms. Vipawee Srimeechai 

    One of the team members talks about the starting point of THE INNOW project. The project is motivated by Asst. Prof. Arsa Tangjitsomkit . He wants students to get a real work experience. We think that “We are Startup” so we want to make something unique and practical. THE INNOW is an alternative innovation for customers in terms of their marketing strategy. Marketing strategy is not just about the popularity of online platform but it includes the existing offline platform. We apply innovation strategy to old fashion marketing strategy and enhance its effectiveness, diversity, and utmost benefits to customer. Our team focus on renovate MUPI poster (MUPI is a quadrilateral poster which can be found at bus station and footpath) and functions of MUPI poster will depend on customer’s wish.

    For instance, one of the companies that interested in our idea is Nara Thai Cuisine. It is a Thai restaurant that opens more than 11 branches in Thailand and oversea franchises in 6 countries. The main customer target group of Nara Thai Cuisine is foreigners and businessman so we give importance to this target group. We focus on presenting products of Nara Thai Cuisine, building customer loyalty and raising brand awareness engagement to increase sales.

    We create MUPI poster to be Two-In-One and add function like vending machine. Customers can receive free Nara Thai Cuisine’s Thai tea from the vending machine but they need to scan QR code or post picture with vending machine on their Facebook or Instagram. Also, customers can play Spinning Wheel game and the lucky one will receive 500/ 1,000 Baht Gift Voucher from Nara Thai Cuisine. These vending machines will be placed in department stores like Siam Paragon or in Suvarnabhumi airport as the target group is foreigners, said “Karn”

    “Shoppy”  Yanisa Tipgonglad,
    one of the team members also says that  We devoted to this project wholeheartedly because we want to build a real Startup instead of just a school project. The idea of this innovation is nearly perfect in terms of its concept and overall we think it is almost 100% perfect except for the vending machine. The vending machine is in process, it is still an idea that we sold to people who are interested. We believe that innovation can be further developed. So, we are welcome all advice from those who want to develop our project and you can search for more information on website https://snopmyns.wixsite.com/theinnow.

    This idea is an effective way to advertise news information to the target customers. THE INNOW project is suitable for all kind of business including Food business, Education Consultant Company, Fashion business, Cosmetics business, Telecommunication Company, etc. The poster will be adapted to customer’s will. For people who interested in this innovation and inspire to further develop the project, please contact THE INNOW via website https://snopmyns.wixsite.com/theinnow

    Members of THE INNOW team:

    1. Ms.Vipawee Srimeechai         Ideas presenter, Function designer and inventor
    2. Ms. Yanisa Tipgonglad         Ideas presenter and builder of website ‘THE INNOW’
    3. Ms. Juthamas Pornngarm Function designer and inventor and builder of website ‘THE INNOW’
    4. Mr. Metthasit Sukchuay         Function and poster designer
    5. Ms. Napak Kittithamawut Ideas presenter, Function designer and inventor
    6. Ms. Nareudee Mansuwan Presentation
    7. Ms. Nalin Towatthanasatit Video editor and poster designer

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