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    The crucial role of telcos in a Smart Nation

    Big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) are fundamental to the creation of smart cities. As such, an unwavering infrastructure coupled with an efficient and secure network are needed to administer and regulate massive data from the IoTs needed to run the city.

    According to the government data, Singapore’s mobile penetration rate was near 150 percent in June 2016 with residential wired broadband and wireless penetration at 98.4 percent and 193 percent respectively; which are among the highest globally. Therefore, to meet the demand and be in line with Singapore’s smart nation objective of integrating digital technology seamlessly across the nation-state; local key telecommunication providers (telcos) have implemented relevant IoT networks respectively.

    Strong network connectivity is fundamental to managing the increasing uptake of digital technology, therefore telcos will have to expand their current infrastructure and invest in advancing the technological developments needed to meet the expectations of a 5G-enabled smart nation. Additionally, the utilisation of a multi-cloud technology approach may be required to allow for further effortless interaction between various devices. The use of multi-cloud can also help enhance security, performance and operational efficiency for users in the city-state.

    As we move to the digital era, telcos have a critical role to play in ensuring connectivity across the smart nation and help lead towards a reality of new, all-rounded substantial services.

    Source: Business Times

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