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    The Ben & Nafsiah Mboi Collection: International Research Library at Atmalib

    The Ben and Nafsiah Mboi Collection is an international research library that contains more than 22,000 books and other documents, containing various references from 1677 to 2015. Thousands of these books came from collections owned by Ben Mboi (Governor of East Nusa Tenggara 1978-1988 period ) and Nafsiah Mboi (the former Indonesia Minister of Health 2012-2014).

    Nafsiah Mboi who is also a pediatrician, said that the current interest in reading is decreasing. Moreover, young people nowadays prefer using internet instead of  books. With this collection, she hoped that young peoples also have the desire to read more books and enjoying the collection.

    The collection includes varied interests, among them are Portuguese exploration, the Dutch colonial era, the independent era of Indonesia, government governance, community-based policies, contemporary development, public health, health insurance, and traditional medicine.

    The signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Nafsiah Mboi and Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia was held on Monday, March 19 2018, coinciding with 1,000 days of Ben Mboi’s memorial day, at the Auditorium of Atma Jaya Yustinus Building.

    At the inauguration and launch of The Ben and Nafsiah Mboi Collection at AtmaLib (Atma Jaya Library), Semanggi Campus, both parties; Nafsiah Mboi and the Rector of Atma Jaya celebrate the ceremony together with two prominent scientist. They are Dr. Edwin Wierringa, an Indonesia philologist from Kolhn University Germanay and Dr. Rosalia Sciortino an anthropologist from the USA. There was also three events of book discussions prior the launching of the Ben & Nafsiah Mboi collections. The book discussion were hosted by two international students doing their summer internship at Atma Jaya. The students are Lan Nguyen from Vietnam and Salma El Gamal from Austria. The events were in line with the focus of Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia as the Center for Nation Development through the Atma Jaya Institute of Public Policy. To open the inauguration as well as to welcome the audiences at the Ben and Nafsiah Mboi Collection, the Vice Rector of AJCUI, Elisabeth Rukmini, Ph.D. gave a statement about book discussions and reviewed the trip until this collection could be placed at AtmaLib,”At this point Atma Jaya wants to be a bridge that connects various stakeholders in a vessel that allow further collaboration” she said. She believes the collection from Ben & Nafsiah Mboi will connect various fields through various activities.

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