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    The Arabic Language Teaching Institute for Non-Arabic Speakers at PNU; a diverse cultural interact

    The Arabic Language Teaching Institute at Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University in Riyadh represents the leading role of Saudi Arabia in serving the Arabic language and culture as well as disseminating them all over the world.

    The Institute symbolizes a small global village with its ethnic diversity with various nationalities and multiple cultures that meet together and live in peace. This diversity at the university achieves more success in the academic discussions, as the language learning is considered an important key for communication and harmony through cultures.

    Each year, non-Arabic speakers students and learning seekers who are residing in the Kingdom or abroad obtain scholarships from Saudi government to join Saudi universities. The Institute, since it was established in 2013 till today, has graduated more than 1500 graduates from 55 countries around the world.

    For decades, the Arabic language has been an integral part of the Kingdom’s culture. Therefore, the Institute applies:

    • enrichment programs to exchange cultures
    • promotes intercultural dialogue among intellectuals
    • improves the student’s language skills

    One of the most important programs at the institute is the “Ambassador of Civilizations Dialogue “. It is based on holding dialogue meetings among the Institutes’ students to learn about the Saudi Arabian culture, customs and traditions in addition to identifying the communities of the participating students in these meetings who come from different nationalities.

    As part of the institute efforts to achieve its aims, it has recently established a global hall called “Ambassadors of the World” as a cultural project that emphasizes the vision depth that the Institute seeks to dedicate under the gaudiness of Her Excellency Dr. Huda Al-Ameel, the Rector. Furthermore, it seeks to reinforce the cultural merging and the movement of civilization dialogue witnessed by Princess Nourah University.


    Latest Posts

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