Thammasat University’s Non-dairy and Cholesterol-free Protein Product Wins an Award at Food Innovation Competition


Students of Thammasat university won an award from a food innovation contest for “Prowingle Cheese”- a future protein source that is dairy-free and has no cholesterol. They are going abroad for observation. “Akkrawit” reveals that this contest encourages new generations and entrepreneurs to create innovation for commercial distribution.

The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) by Food Innopolis, Food Factors, Boonrawd Brewery Company, and KCG Corporation held “Food Innovation Contest 2020” on “Local Ingredients and Future Protein” topic. The main aim is to encourage bachelor degree’s students, sciences and food technology students, researchers, and citizens who have creative ideas on food innovation to use their science, technology and innovation knowledge and skills to develop food innovation.

There are 31 teams in the final round. It consists of 16 teams of lightweight bachelor degree students and 15 teams of heavyweight students, professors, researchers, and citizens. In the end, the winner of the lightweight for local ingredients topic is Hi-Hi team from Rangsit University with “BOKBOK snack”, a snack from krabok seed or Northeastern almond. Students have transformed local ingredients into a delicious and healthy snack.

For the future protein topic, TUwingle from Thammasat University won a Grand Prize and got a chance to go abroad for observation. The product that students develop is Prowingle Cheese full of protein, dairy-free, and 0% cholesterol.

For heavyweight round on the local ingredient topic, MusaWa Bar is a product from Prince of Songkla University which is a snack bar made from 100% raw banana flour. It helps prevent gastric ulcers. For the future protein topic, Woraha Company’s product is a healthy soft drink full of protein and vitamin B, no sugar and food coloring. The 1st runner-up award is O-Krajeab team “instant powder pudding for digestion” from Thammasat University.

Mr.Akkrawit Kanchana-Opas, Assistant Director of NSTDA, and Director of Food Innopolis, reveals that Food Innopolis is a government project that aims to create, develop, and enhance entrepreneurs in all level of the food industry in order to increase the competitiveness of the country and build an innovation-driven economy. Therefore, we have been holding a food innovation contest for 3 years.

“This activity is not only for competition but also for educating and advising people about business innovation and presentation. The main purpose is to encourage students, new generations, and entrepreneurs to create innovation for new ideas and present their products for commercial use. For example, the interesting ideas in this contest are 100% egg-white milk, vegetable meat that has taste and texture like real meat, and noodles from the cotton tree and tala palm.” said Mr.Akkrawit.