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    Thammasat University’s Library Becomes the First Library in Thailand to Receive Environmental Management ISO Certificate

    Thammasat University’s library has received an environmental management certificate according to ISO 14001:2015 standards from SGS (Thailand) Co. Ltd. because the library is aware of environmental management at the organization level in order to be accepted in the international standard. Moreover, there is an opening ceremony of the study room and service innovation that serves the user’s needs. It emphasizes the potential of this innovative and sustainable library. Assoc.Prof. Gasinee Witoonchart, Director of Thammasat University, was the master of the ceremony and received an environment management certification.

    Asst.Prof.Aekkarin Yollabin, President of Thammasat University’s Library, states that we are honored to receive a certificate according to ISO 14001:2015 from the evaluation of SGS (Thailand) Co. Ltd., which is the world’ leading inspection, verification, and certification organization. Thammasat University’s library is the first library in Thailand that gets this certification. The main purpose of our library is to be the library of innovation and sustainability in the international standards. Therefore, we apply an environmental management system, ISO 14001:2015, to administer internal affairs. We also raise awareness about the environment in the younger generation in order to be a quality and sustainable library for the people of Thammasat.

    Thammasat University’s library administrates by considering the environment and follows the 4 guidelines. First, the environmental protection. Second, pollution prevention and the reduction of environmental effects which are the result of direct and indirect library operation. Third, law compliance including rules and provisions about the environment. Fourth, quality management system and environment improvement, including encouraging personnel to understand and raise awareness in quality management and environment.

    Moreover, the library also sees the importance of the improvement and development of the innovation in relation to student’s behaviors. Therefore, we increase the number of study rooms and improve the study room at Puey Ungphakorn Library. We also improve the environment and the interior material by adding assistive technology in booking the library through voice for students with visual impairment. We encourage student’s equal rights of accessibility in order to develop their potential and knowledge. It is the process to increase user satisfaction.

    Mr.Teerachai Yaopreukchai, Product Manager of SGS (Thailand) Co. Ltd, says that being ISO 14001:2015 standard certified is our attempt to reach the sustainability goal. It is our main objective at both the national and international levels. It will be a supporting tool to improve our working potential and enhance ourselves to international standards. Moreover, it also creates credibility for people who are involved in the library.

    In the ceremony, Asst.Prof.Dr.Prinya Tewanareumirtkul talked about library and 4.0 education, global warming, and sustainability. “4.0 educations is studying through smartphone or social media. However, we still need the library but the library is not only the place to keep books but also the place where we can connect both offline and online education. The library makes people get out of a virtual world and have real contact and exchange knowledge with real people. Especially in the global warming situation, we are facing climate change, disaster, and mass extinction; therefore, learning, putting it in practice and solving the problem will lead to sustainable development.”

    Currently, environmental problems are the issue that people in the world are aware of. We also need to consider sustainable development. Thammasat University’s library is becoming a 4.0 library that focuses on quality service for students and the environment. Our library will be an example for libraries from all over the country. Thammasat University will encourage this process to be sustainable development.

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