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    Thammasat University join hands together with Musashino University, AOTS/AMEICC to organize the second International Symposium on Asia AI for Business and Industry

    Prof. Dr. Siriwan Suebnukarn, Vice Rector for Research and Innovation, Thammasat University, addressed the opening and gave a warm welcome to the invited speakers from Japan and all the AI related sectors from Thailand at the 2nd International Symposium on Asia AI for Business and Industry (AAII Symposium), collocated with AMEICC Endowed Training Course (AI for Business and Industry Training), held at SIIT, TU Rangsit campus.

    SIIT of Thammasat University together with Asia AI Institute (AAII), Faculty of Data Science of Musashino University and AOTS/AMEICC (Japan) are aware of the current growth of the needs in AI personnel and the importance of the collaboration among education, business and government sectors. The programs are designed to encourage students to experience the advanced AI technical practice in the real business and industrial sectors. The 6-day training program aiming at the establishment of “AI Workforce as a New Strategic Arm for Business and Industry”, therefore, had been organized during Oct 15-20, 2019.

    There are 81 students registered to attend the 8 classes. The program is designed to cover the prominent AI topics in today business and industrial opportunities. The practical situation and problems are raised to solve with AI as well as promising technologies under the supervision of the experienced instructors. As a follow-up program, AOST and the participating companies also provide opportunities of internship for some of the qualified students to experience the hands-on training at the companies in Japan.

    The AAII Symposium and the AI for Business and Industry Training are financially supported by AOTS under the AMEICC Endowed Course of METI, and Asia AI Institute (AAII) of Musashino University, together with the strong support of SIIT, Digital Cluster of Research University Network (RUN), CRDC, and public-private sector partnerships.

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