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    Thammasat University Hospital Builds More Negative Pressure Rooms to Support in COVID-19 Crisis

    Banpu Public Company Limited( Banpu) has made a donation of THB 10.5 million to Thammasat University Hospital, one of the leading hospitals in Thailand that are key centers in taking care of patients infected with COVID-19. The donation aims to support the hospital in building and improving 5 negative pressure rooms, worth THB 5 million, to be used for isolation for COVID-19 patients to prevent the spread of viruses, and to purchase 10 units of ventilator machines, worth THB 5.5 million, in order to support medical staff, allowing them to perform their duties with full capability.

    Mr. Chanin Vongkusolkit, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banpu Public Company Limited, said “As we have monitored the COVID-19 situation in Thailand very closely, we have seen that medical institutions and medical personnel, including those of Thammasat University Hospital, have to deal with the more and more challenging situation as more people were infected with COVID-19. They still need more help especially the medical equipment that must be sufficiently provided for the treatment of increasing patients. Therefore, Banpu would like to find ways to help medical personnel to have better access to the equipment in a timely manner, and we will continue to provide support in order to help our country to quickly overcome this crisis.”

    Professor Dr. Surapon Nitikraipot, Chairman of the Executive Board, Thammasat University Hospital, said “Thammasat University Hospital is genuinely grateful for Banpu Public Company Limited for its help in supporting the construction and improvement of negative pressure rooms as well as providing ventilator machines for patients infected with COVID-19. The negative pressure room is useful in terms of preventing cross-contamination between rooms and, therefore, protecting medical personnel not to be infected from patients. Ventilator machines are also needed for patients with respiratory failure due to pneumonia. The support we receive today will help the hospital to be better prepared to cope with this public health crisis in Thailand.”

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