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    Thammasat University honored with 18 National Research Council of Thailand Awards 2019, another success in Innovation and Academics.

    Thammasat University received 18 NRCT awards 2019 and honored its three researchers from Faculty of Law, Economics and Sociology. Rector of Thammasat University emphasized on enhancing its education level and supporting funds in connection with world-class universities to produce quality academic research in the future.

    National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) gave National Outstanding Researcher awards to 17 TU researchers in Thailand Invention Day 2019. The event was held on 2 February 2019 at Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC) and ACM Prajin Juntong, Deputy PM was chairman.

     Associate Professor Gasinee Witoonchart, Rector of Thammasat University, revealed that TU develops research and innovation with the following development of science and technology, health science and industry.  We aims to apply research work to daily life and support our personnel, professors, and specialists and work with world-class institution, private sectors and National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT).

    “The fact that TU honored with 18 NRCT awards shows its competency in creative innovation and invention. With the cooperation with all sectors, we received both knowledge asset and financial support resulted in quality research for the sake of society and the nation benefits”

    Professor Dr. Siriwan Suebnukarn, Vice Rector for Research and Innovation, Thammasat University stated that our plan is to drive research work into more systematic procedure and higher standard.  We will start from the bottom which is personnel, laboratory and modern equipments to the top which is making research work to be published in international journals.

    “Thammasat University aims to produce high quality research as well as encourage new researchers followed the challenging model that interconnects both science and social knowledge to create maximum benefit for society”

     This year, three TU researchers who received National Outstanding Researcher award are Professor Dr. Surasak Likasitwatanakul (Faculty of Law), Professor Dr. Arayah Preechametta (Faculty of Economics), and Professor Dr. Samerchai Poolsuwan (Faculty of Sociology).

    Professor Dr. Surasak Likasitwatanakul, Faculty of Law, Thammasat University, who received the National Outstanding Researcher awards says that most research works are Criminal Law and Justice Administration work.  It includes the provisions of law according to the current situation, the amendment of the provisions of law in terms of its policy, and the universal guidelines regarding to social context in Thailand in order to be subject to the law and enforce the law effectively. The outstanding work is research work from Office of the Attorney General about criminal liability of juristic person.  It comprised of case study in 10 ASEAN countries. The cabinet votes to make amendment on law according to the proposal of this research work on 10 March 2018. In practice, the Office of the Commission for Judicial Service has adopted the research work on photographing and recording sound in courtroom.

    Professor Dr. Arayah Preechametta, Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University, who received the National Outstanding Researcher awards says that the research work that I have studied is basic research and economic policy research that supports development on economy by using knowledge skills and new technology and creating equal income distribution. Also, there is a research work on inequality and social problem in four aspects. The first aspect is land use planning and centralized economy result from Thailand 4.0 plan. The second aspect is development on monetary and financial policy to get rid of future inequality. The third aspect is development on main social institutions that related to long-term inequality management. The last aspect is about external impact to the poor in society.

    Professor Dr. Samerchai Poolsuwan, Faculty of Sociology and Anthropology, Thammasat University, who received the National Outstanding Researcher awards reveals that

    This award is my work pride apart from its utility in academic sector. I have researched on different fields of work including genetic anthropology, ethnology, and anthropology of art and history of art. Initially, I researched on the evolution of genetic disorder in red blood cell in population in Southeast Asia. It leads to further study on human settlement and population dispersal in the region through analysis of DNA evidence. This research work brought a new discovery which is helpful for academic sector and international relation.

     In addition, TU researchers achieved another four research work awards:

    1. Professor Dr. Samerchai Poolsuwan Outstanding level award Research work “Buddhist Murals of the Pagan Period: form and Meaning of the Devotional Art”
    1. Professor Dr. Vimolsiddhi Horayangkura and others Outstanding level award
      Research work “The Creation of Modern Thai Architectural Identity”
    1. Professor Dr. Kesara Na-Bangchang and others Excellent level award
      Research work “Preclinical Research and Development of Atractylodes Lancea (Thunb) DC. For Cholangiocarcinoma”
    1. Professor Dr. Udom Rathamarit and others Excellent level award
      Research work “The research of Corruption in Policy: legal measures to Control and protect corruption in policy problem in Thailand”

    One Research Work Award (TU professor as a researcher assistant):

    Prof.Dr.Chongrak Polprasert and Dr. Warunsak Liamlaem Excellent level award

    Research work “Prevention of Impacts of Hazard Substances Residuals in Agricultural Commodity and Food Logistics from ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) : Monitoring and Tracing System of Veterinary Drug Residuals and Tracing System of Veterinary Drug Residuals and Food Additives in Aquaculture and Livestock Commodity”

    Four Dissertation Awards:

    1. Dr.Prapimphan Chiengkul Outstanding level award
      Dissertation “Hegemony and Counter-Hegemony in the Agri-Food System in Thailand (1990-2014)”
    2. Dr. Iyared Boonyarit Excellent level award
      Dissertation “Thai Classical Music Sacred Object in Thai Contemporary Society : Construction Meaning and Role”
    3. Dr. Tanatorn Tanantong Excellent level award
      Dissertation “A Study on Continuous Cardiac Monitoring through Body Sensor Networks”
    4. Dr. Kanjanee Phanphairoj Excellent level award
      Dissertation “Development of Openness to Experience program for Enhancing Cultural Intelligence of Student Nurses : An Analysis of Multilevel Mediating Structural Equation Modeling”

    Four Invention Awards:
    1. Asst.Prof. Arsa Tangjitsomkit Outstanding level award
    Invention “ARSA Framework”

    2. Asst. Prof. Dr. Bunyong Rungroungdouyboon and others Excellent level award
    Invention “Gait Training Machine for Stroke Patients : IWalk”

    3. Supawadee Tubglam Excellent level award
    Invention “ST-Safe Breathing plus Coaching CPR

    4. Associate professor Dr. Napaporn Youngvises and others Prestige award
    Invention “3 in 1 Antioxidant Analyzer”

     Two Invention Awards (TU professors as a co-inventor):

    1. Associate professor Dr. Chaturong Tantibundhit Outstanding level award
      Invention “Smartphone Microscope: Mobile Laboratory on Smartphone”
    1. Professor Dr. Phadungsak Ratanadecho Excellent level award
      Invention “Small Hybrid Wind Turbine Demonstration Kit for Generating Electricity and Technique for Increasing Its Efficiency”

    On Thailand Invention Day 2019, there are various NRCT exhibitions from TU researchers including ARSA framework, IWalk, ST-Safe Breathing plus Coaching CPR, and 3 in 1 Antioxidant Analyzer which attract participants and students attention.

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