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    Thammasat University Collaborates with Other Organizations to Develop DDC-Care App for COVID-19

    The National Science and Technology Development Agency, DEPA, Department of Disease Control, Immigration Bureau, Digital Government Development Agency (DGA), Thammasat University, and Thailand Tech Startup Association (TTSA) have developed “DDC-Care” application. The application is for the Department of Disease Control and Immigration Bureau to use as a tracking and risk-evaluating system for people who are prone to have COVID-19 according to the Communicable Disease Act. AD. 2015. The application will be used in immigration checkpoint at the airport and 50 land border checkpoints on 16 March.

    “DDC-Care” application is a system that every visitor from risk countries has to download from QR code in front of the Immigration checkpoint. The collected information is to track and evaluate their health when they need to self-quarantine for 14 days. The Department of Diseases Control will use this information to evaluate their risk in order to advise and assist them in time. Moreover, the application can track visitors’ locations in order to effectively evaluate the risk area.

    In all, the application has a security system for personal information thanks to the support of related organizations. There are many useful applications due to the development of technology. However, the Thai people’s support and cooperation are more important. We have to be aware and responsible for the society. We believe that we will get through this crisis soon.

    Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 transmission globally, some countries are under lockdown and are coming up with several measures to pre-empt and prevent this issue.

    In Thailand, according to the government’s policy, most organizations are trying to find prevention for the problem. The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DES) is cooperating with the Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), Department of Diseases Control, Ministry of Public Health, Immigration Bureau and Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited or AOT. The MInistry has also worked with 5 Telecommunications companies, including CAT Telecom Co.Ltd., TOT Co.Ltd., Advance Wireless Network Co.Ltd., True Move H Universal Communication Co.Ltd., and DTAC Trinet Co.Ltd., and introduced an application to track visitors, both Thais and foreigners, who enter Thailand.

    “Mr.Putthipong Punnakan, Minister of DES, reveals that at first, we were using the “AOT Airports” application of AOT to collect information and track visitors coming to Thailand, including Thai people who came back from risk countries in accordance with the Ministry of Public Health announcement. Visitors, including foreigners, who are customers of telecommunication companies can turn on data roaming and immediately download the application. For visitors who cannot turn on data, roaming can purchase sim card from telecommunication companies at temperature-checking point for 49 Baht (14 days). After that, visitors have to fill up their personal information in the application. Immigration Bureau will check the information before entering the country.”

    All the information will be collected at the “Department of Diseases Control” in order to track and inform information about COVID-19 after the infected person is found. The Department of Disease Control will then alert NBTC and telecommunication companies in order to track the location of the infected person and people who travel with them in time.

    “We ensure that the information will be deleted in 14 days. All visitors have to cooperate in order to be responsible for the society. We believe that this measure will ensure citizens and reduce their panic under the COVID-19 transmission situation.”

    The cancellation of the quarantine center for disease control makes people who came back from risk countries to quarantine in their house or their hometown. Digital Economy Promotion Agency or DEPA and “Articulus”, Thai startup business, have developed “SydeKick for ThaiFight COVID” application to track and monitor people who quarantine at their hometown. People can download the application from QR code. Provincial public health staff will work with us to closely monitor them.

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