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    Thammasat University and SkillLane launch online master’s degree programs

    Thammasat University and SkillLane launch online master’s degree in three programs – MBA Business Innovation, Data Science for Digital Business Transformation and Applied AI, class to kick off in August 2019

    • M.B.A. (Business Innovation), major: Business Innovation
    • M.S. in Digital Business Transformation, major: Data Science
    • Applied AI (Master Degree)

    Thammasat University (TU) and SkillLane, Thailand’s number one online learning platform and digital training platform, jointly announced the launch of TUXSA, Online Master’s Degrees of Thammasat University and SkillLane, to equip Thai people with essential professional skills for today and for the future, and uplift the country’s international competitiveness. The first two programs, M.B.A. Business Innovation, Data Science for Digital Business Transformation, are set to start online class in August, while Applied AI is planned to kick off in 2020.

    Associate Professor Kesinee Withoonchart, Rector of Thammasat University, said that, “The collaboration between TU and SkillLane to launch online master’s degree aims at offering education opportunity to Thais, not limited to only our students, by giving them access to new knowledge and skills regardless of time and place. Online education channel is currently becoming more and more popular, as it is more convenient and affordable than traditional on-campus courses.”

    “The cooperation is not only limited to the development of technology to facilitate education, but also involves the design of courses to optimize skill enhancement for students, with focus on putting theory into practice and analysis of real-world cases. We are confident that TUXSA will bring a positive impact to the education sector in Thailand, as well as create positive value for leading organizations strongly committed to employee development.”

    Associate Professor Dr. Chalie Charoenlarpnopparut, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Thammasat University, said, “The curriculum is designed by applying learner-first practice. We start from what knowledges are needed by 21-century’s learners in today’s professional world, and then we develop materials with the help of qualified lecturers and practitioners. Lecturer team comprises TU’s teachers, as well as well-known business leaders and experts widely recognized in the field, in order to make TUXSA truly relevant to the professionals and organizations of the future. Some famous guest lecturers include Thana Thienachariya, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer of Siam Commercial Bank; Natavudh Pungcharoenpong, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ookbee, a leading e-book and digital magazine platform in ASEAN region, and Rawit Hanutsaha, CEO of Srichand United Dispensary Co, Ltd.”

    Titipong Pisitwuttinan, CEO and Co-founder of SkillLane, said that “Online education technology will help a lot of Thai people reach the next level of expertise. Many professionals are eager to expand their knowledge, but cannot afford to leave their job for higher education.  TUXSA will tick all the boxes for those working professionals who are keen to equip themselves with new set of skills to thrive in the digital age, anytime anywhere at their convenience, while they can work full-time simultaneously.”

    M.B.A. Business Innovation program is designed for the development of management skills in the digital age, with both improved and newly-developed curricula focusing on managing innovative business, with subjects including strategic planning, modern management practice, specific skills for business operation and leadership skill. Students will gain knowledge required for leaders in developing and innovating business in order to sharpen competitive edge and to compete in regional arena.

    Data Science for Digital Business Transformation program is designed and developed to capture the need of today’s organizations where the amount of massive data is rapidly growing and becoming influential in every sector. Students will learn how to leverage data as a powerful tool in decision making and to utilize data for analyzing and predicting potential competitive advantage. The program also provides knowledge required for developing expertise in policy planning and management of digital technology, which are essential for organization leader in charge of transforming organization in the digital era.

    Applied AI program deals with fundamentals of theory and development of AI algorithm. Students will learn how to apply and leverage AI to its best advantage. In the age where human and AI collaboration is more and more pervasive, learning how to manage and transform organization to adopt optimized AI in driving performance is an important part of the program. The program is set to kick off in 2020.

    The unique strength of TUXSA is a good learning opportunity that gives learners freedom to choose to take courses to simply upgrade skill and knowledge, or obtain master’s degree.  Students can manage and plan their learning programme to suit their budget, while saving the cost of transportation. Curricula are developed to serve the needs of students by qualified lecturers and experts highly qualified in the field. Online courses are available anytime – 24/7, allowing students to learning while also taking a full-time job. Organizations also benefit from enhanced skills and knowledges of their work-study employees.

    TUXSA will open for free registration for online Pitching and Negotiation course, taught by Natavudh Pungcharoenpong, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ookbee and a lecturer from Thammasat Business School, Thammasat University, starting 28 May 2019. (Without earning a university’s credit)

    Online courses will officially start in August 2019 at www.SkillLanne.com/TUXSA. TUXSA allows students to take part in four formats: learn without earning credit, learn and take online exam to earn credits to receive Certificate of Course Completion, learn and take online exam to earn 18 credits to receive Certificate of Specialization Completion, and learn to earn Master’s Degree with 30 credits earned and all requirements of the program and the university fulfilled. TUXSA is currently in the process of seeking approval from the Office of the Higher Education Commission, the University Council.

    For more information on TUXSA, Visit www.SkillLane.com/TUXSA or call 081 996 7150, or Line: @SkillLane, or email: [email protected]


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