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    Thammasat student team from DBTM TDS won the first runner-up in the CIMB 3D conquest track “FinTect”

    ‘Vest Your Time’ team, a team of fourth-year student from Faculty of Architecture and Planning in Design, Business & Technology Management (DBTM) program from Thammasat university won the first runner-up in the CIMB 3D Conquest, the FinTect track.  Vest Your Time team received USD 2,000 as a prize.  The competition was held by the CIMB bank on 30th November–1st December 2018 in Malaysia, and there were 75 participating student teams from the universities in ASEAN countries.

    Members of the ‘Vest Your Time’ team:

    1. Yollada Laphanikorn       Team Leader
    2. Kornpakit Kiratiyapat          Marketing Strategy
    3. Buncha Chaoprakenoi     User Empathy Research
    4. Sirada          Nimjareonchaikul                  Graphic designer
    5. Phamon Chinwong           Design ad Video
    6. Chayanon Komuthanon       Financial and business strategy
    7. Pakorn Wanlikul              Product R&D

     ‘CIMB 3D Conquest’ is a hackathon competition that is looking for people with innovative digital ideas and agile business analysis. The competition is composed of three tracks.  First, Data Science is a data mining track.  FinTect track is an innovative idea for banking business. Coding track is to develop mobile banking system.  The competition is open to all college and university students including graduate students studying in universities in ASEAN countries. The total prize is USD 120,000 or approximately 3.9 million baht. The winning team also gets an oversea field trip to Silicon Valley, the southern San Francisco Bay Area of California, which is the home to many global technology companies including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple and Intel. The winning team also gets a chance to work with CIMB after graduation.

    ‘Dada’ Ms. Yollada Laphanikorn, Fourth-year student in the Faculty of Architecture and Planning in Design, Leader of ‘Vest Your Time’ team that won the first runner-up in the CIMB 3D Conquest in the FinTect track said that “Each participants and each team can only participate in one of the three tracks. FinTect is a track where you have to propose innovative digital ideas that help improving customer service for banking business.  I got an idea from my final project, part of DBT425 course (Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship).  I took free elective course from BBA before and professor used ‘Little Field’, a factory management simulation game to teach us.  Players have to earn profit from producing goods to meet with customer needs. Players will face many challenging situations and solve problems through critical thinking. It looks like just playing game but players actually learn through this game from reading rules and regulation of the game.  Players have to understand the rules in order to remember all the contents. Therefore, I recommend this idea to my teammates and brainstorm how can we apply the concept. Also, we are aware that financial literacy in Thailand keeps declining every year so we propose this problem as it is relatable and interesting to me and our team members.”

    “Personally, I feel overjoyed because our team idea is completely different with other teams. Actually, we didn’t expect to win.  We were just trying our best. After receiving the prize, I realized that all the hard work and efforts that we made were worth it and they will be the motivation for us in the next competition.”

    “For the grand finale round, I think we’ll need to prepare a lot more and improve in some points.  We also got a chance to participate in the Design Future Lab program and got advice from many experienced specialists”

    ‘Dada’  Ms. Yollada suggests her junior and students who interested in joining the competition that “I want you to have courage to try new things and get out of your comfort zone.  I believe there are many opportunities in life awaiting us.  We can choose to go after it or let it go.  Nothing comes easy, but nothing is beyond our ability.  You have to believe in yourself and try your best.”



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