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    Thammasat Researcher Day 2019 Creating Research Work Moving Forward to International Level

    Thammasat is a Research University which embedded policy to improve research work and innovation in terms of quality and quantity to international level. Many Thammasat personnel are educated, potential, and ready to create valuable research for society and nation. Researchers are eager to develop their work and publish them publicly. In order to honor their work, Research and Innovations Administration division and TU’s Research Consultancy Institute organize “Thammasat Researcher Day 2019”. The aim of this day is to honor and encourage professors and researchers who brought Thammasat good reputation. It was held on 20 November 2019 at SC3 Building, Thammasat University, Rangsit Campus.

    Assoc. Prof. Gasinee Witoonchart, President of Thammasat University, says that Thammasat vision is to be the leader of research work to create advanced innovation and be a world’s class university. Our aim is to be an outstanding research university that creates research work and quality innovation for international competition. We also want to publish research work as a learning center to increase people’s quality of life and internationally accepted. In order to achieve the goals, we provide adequate funds to professors and students. We also provide courses to enhance knowledge and experience about domestic and international. It will create quality research that could be published internationally. As a result, the university can create more research work.

    Prof.Dr.Siriwan Seubnukarn, Vice Rector of Research and Innovations Administration division, Thammasat University, states that Thammasat’s research practice is to encourage and support the development of research work. In the past few years, the university gave research funds for researchers and held an academic seminar to enhance their knowledge and experiences. The university also published academic journal as a way to publish their work. As a result, research work are high quality and their research ability are improved according to number of research work in national and international publications. Number of citation per publication is also increasing in the past few years. Thammasat’s researchers created their work and outstanding innovation and achieved awards from internal and external competition. For example, Thammasat outstanding research awards, NRCT awards, and research and invention award from domestic and international competition. Besides, there are researchers who got scholarships, who were honored to be a professor, and who published their work in international publications. These contributions brought researchers honor and also the university good reputation.

    Research work’s success shows the academic potential, creativity, and new innovation and invention that are supported by all parties in terms of knowledge and funds. All research work is beneficial to society and nation. It is the university’s success in creating quality research work and encouraging new researchers. It is the integration between science and social science for the goods of public.

    Latest Posts

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