Thammasat cooperates with four ‘electric car’ companies developing Thammasat Smart City


Thammasat University is becoming Thammasat Smart City and starts using electric cars (EV car) as a transit route in Rangsit and Tha Prachan campus. Asst. Prof. Prinya signed MOU agreement with four private companies that will support EV car including charging station and application. We hope to use this innovation to facilitate users around Thammasat University area.

Bangkok, 21 May 2019 – Thammasat University held a signing ceremony, MOU. It is cooperation between 5 parties supporting “Car Sharing”. The agreement was signed by Asst. Prof. Prinya Thaewanarumitkul, Vice Rector for Sustainability and Administration at Rangsit Campus and other four company directors including Haupcar Co.Ltd., Hyundai Motor (Thailand) Co.Ltd., FOMM (Asia) Co. Ltd., and Evolt Technology Co.Ltd. at Sanya Thammasak Conference Room, Dome Building, Second Floor,  Thammasat University, Tha Prachan Campus.

Asst. Prof. Prinya Thaewanarumitkul, Vice Rector for Sustainability and Administration at Rangsit Campus reveals that Thammasat University aims to become Thammasat Smart City by applying technology to raise quality of living and environment in the university. Recently, TU has worked with private sectors and utilized EV Car (Electric Vehicle). Also, TU uses Car Sharing system via application and charging station in both Rangsit and Tha Prachan campuses in order to save energy and reduce pollution in the university.

“This MOU is the good cooperation between Thammasat University and four companies that will support EV car, Car Sharing system, and other technological devices. Professors, students and other personnel in TU will be able to use it at Rangsit and Tha Prachan campus for one year. ”

TU will provide 2 parking area a charging station. We will also collect and analysis driving data, traffic data, and service quality in order to improve the project to be more advanced and sustainable. If the project is successful, we will also start using EV Motorcycle as a Car Sharing service and installing Solar Rooftop using solar energy to charge EV car.

“Currently, global warming impact is getting worse and the main cause is carbon emission from vehicles. Therefore, we encourage people to use EV car as it is a clean energy. The MOU is the first contribution to Thammasat Smart City and raising awareness about environment to TU staff and students. ”

Mr.Toshihide Ano, President of Hyundai Motor (Thailand) Co.Ltd. says that our company is pleased to facilitate 2 Hyundai EV cars with type 1 full coverage insurance to TU staffs and personnel to use. We also provide EV car usage data to Thammasat University for research purpose. EV cars that we subsidise are IONIQ car, a stylish car using 100% electric motor and electric range is 280 km. Our company is proud to be a part of Thammasat Smart City project.

Mr. Krit Vichaiwatanapanich, CEO of Haupcar Co.Ltd., Car Sharing system Developer via HAUPCAR Application states that our company facilitates users a HAUPCAR Application that is convenient for process like booking car, picking up car, payment, collecting driving data and also providing cleaning services. Using EV car via Car Sharing system of HAUPCAR helps save cost and reduces pollution in the city.

Mr. Tananan Kanjanakuha, General Manager at FOMM (ASIA) Co.,Ltd., FOMM EV car provider in Thailand says that we are pleased to facilitate 2 FOMM EV cars with type 1 full coverage insurance to support sustainable university path and Thammasat Smart City. FOMM EV car is an innovation that has an electric range of 166 km when fully-charged. It is a small EV car that is suitable for urban use, especially in university that has limited parking space.

Mr. Poonpat Lohanchun, Administration President of  Evolt Technology Co.Ltd., a company that provides smart EV charging technology states that we are agree to facilitate EV car charging station in two areas including parking area in front of Dome Building at Tha Prachan campus and parking area in president building at Rangsit campus. We will also provide maintenance devices in order to prepare charging station to be ready for usage and we will collect data to Thammasat University for further research and development purposes.

This MOU shows that company intends to raise awareness and encourage people to save energy starting from educational institution and other institutions in the future.