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    TejaPro Shoemaking Workshop by UiTM Design

    TejaPro shoemaking workshop organized by the Industrial Design Department, Faculty of Art & Design, Universiti Teknologi MARA,(UiTM) was held from 7 to 11 September 2020 at UiTM Lendu Melaka branch. TejaPro is the brand name for commercial product registered under UiTM Melaka.

    The main aim of the workshop was to produce shoe experts to be able to make their own shoes. This workshop was held for 5 days, with an aim of introducing the staff at the Arts & Design faculty at the Melaka branch to the process of shoemaking in a more comprehensive way. An expert from the Faculty of Art & Design, UiTM Shah Alam, served as the teaching staff to ensure the effectiveness of the workshop.

    There were four facilitators namely, Dr. Haszlin Hj. Shaharudin and Mr. Muhamad Fahmi Ahmad from the Department of Industrial Design, while Ts. Dr. Shaliza Mohd Shariff and Mr. Mohammad Wazir Jahilan, from the Department of Fashion Design. In addition, there were two facilitators from UiTM, Melaka branch, namely Mr. Sarudin Idras and Mr. Ibrahim Othman.

    This workshop was attended by a total of 20 selected participants, consisting of UiTM Melaka staff. The participants were briefed based on two shoe designs chosen to replicate the Derby and Oxford models in terms of the shoemaking process, beginning with the raw materials to the completed shoe form. The final, completed designs were displayed on the last day of the workshop.

    The participants were introduced to the knowledge of shoemaking in a comprehensive way through this workshop, including material combination, the process of stitching, lasting, and identifying every component of the shoe.

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