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    Teaching excellence framework: Influencing factor for the attraction of international students

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    The teaching excellence framework (Tef) ratings have minimal influences on the choices made by potential domestic students. However, in contrast, the ratings have a significant influence on international students who are in search of their potential university choices.

    Between July and September 2016, Tef gold institutions made up of 19.1% of the total global online searches looking at the UK, which adds up to more than 32 million searches per year. It is also used by universities to assess the amount of applications and enrollments. In the same period for 2017, universities witnessed a hike in gold institutions searches as it now accounts for 24.5% of all searches to the UK.

    There has been an observed increase in interest towards Tef gold institutions by students who are researching UK universities from India, Thailand, Turkey and Brazil. Particularly from India, a nation that places great emphasis on institutional reputation; students have been found to have increased their share of searches from 23.7% to 36.9%.

    International students are more dependent on university rankings when making their choice of universities due to a lack in familiarity towards the selling points and academic strengths of certain institutions. Furthermore, rankings serve as a medium that is easy to access and comprehend as opposed to the vast amount of information they obtain during their searches. Therefore, the correlation between Tef medals and perception of quality for UK universities is something not to be undermined either. In addition, these medals will serve great purpose for universities that are lacking in global recognition. Hence, the government will need to be vigilant when endorsing the medal rankings that will in turn determine the international perception of quality for UK universities within the sector.

    Source: The Guardian

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