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    Target of 2022, Unusa is in the Top 100 Universities in Indonesia

    Nahdlatul Ulama University of Surabaya (Unusa) targets that in 2022 it can be included in the top 100 universities throughout Indonesia. To be able to take part in the Asean arena to enter the world level in 2026.

    “Since last year (2018) until 2022, we are in the stage of competing nationally. “Students, lecturers, and alumni continue to improve their quality as an effort to improve the foundation to be more solid,” said Vice Chancellor I Unusa Prof. Dr. Kacung Marijan MA when met in his office.

    According to Prof. Kacung, last year Unusa students won the national-level entrepreneurship competition beating ITB. Then the number of research grants from lecturers from the Ministry of Education also continued to increase to hundreds of millions. Similarly, the research grants of Unusa students who passed this year were 23 PKM.

    “This year PKM Unusa, which passed, rose more than 300 percent compared to last year’s 7 PKM. “This number is the second largest that passes the level of PTS in East Java,” he said.

    Even though it has made many achievements at the national level, the campus which is preparing an auditorium is only entering its 6th year, not wanting to laugh. Kacung stressed, Unusa continues to improve towards the 2022 target. Starting from increasing the number of lecturers holding doctoral degrees, facilities that are constantly updated, increasing the publication of research journals to the international level, and increasing stakeholder cooperation both between universities and companies.

    “We hope that by 2021 we can enter the top 100,” said Prof. Kacung.

    Unusa’s optimism is not excessive considering the stages that have been passed show a positive trend. Prof. Kacung said, at the age of 5 years, Unusa was ranked 236th out of 2010 universities throughout Indonesia.

    This year the target is below 200, in 2020 below the rank of 150, and 2021 can be close to 100, until 2022 into the top 100.

    “To achieve this is not easy, because all universities also prepare themselves to be in the top 100. Therefore Unusa invites other universities to collaborate forward together, “said Prof. Kacung.

    In addition to national universities, Unusa also actively cooperates with universities from abroad, such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Taiwan, Australia, and is exploring Germany.

    “The effort of Unusa in updating quality continuously as part of the mission of Unusa who wants to be a prototype of NU universities throughout Indonesia,” he concluded

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