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    SUSU Scientists Develop the “Elixir of Youth”

    Nowadays leading specialists all around the world are searching for solutions which will allow maintaining and improving our health. Scientists of South Ural State University are implementing a series of unique projects aimed at the invention of healthy food products. Among the projects there is obtaining food supplements out of plant extracts which possess antioxidant and immune-stimulating characteristics. Irina Kalinina, Associate Professor of Food and Biotechnology Department, told us about the process of obtaining new supplements.

    “We have a series of plant extracts which have very good pharmacological and preventive effects. But they are poorly dissolved in water, which impedes their use in the production of beverages. Our goal is to increase the level of these extracts’ solubility in water, as well as the level of their bioavailability.”

    Active work is being carried out with an extract called dihydroquercetin (larch extract). It is a strong antioxidant which can prolong the period of food storage.

    “The substance that we are working with possesses a colossal antioxidant activity. Quercetin, its ‘relative’, had been a leader for a long time, but consuming it in excess amount can lead to undesired effects. Dihydroquercetin suppresses oxidation processes in human body, impedes aging and possesses an anti-stress effect,” explains Irina Kalinina. “We are also working with such extracts as betulin (an extract obtained out of the bark of a birch tree) and chaga mushroom (shelf fungus).”

    The initial tasting of beverages with addition of dihydroquercetin has already finished. At the present time, the industrial partner is developing a brand for mass production.

    Source: South Ural State University

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