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    Reframing the university as an emergent organisation: implications for strategic management and leadership in higher education

    At present, most organisational forms that are being implemented by higher education circulations are based on traditional corporate organisational frameworks that adopts a coherent approach to organisational change management. The principles of this account is a hypothesis of organisational autonomy and the ability of designated leaders to lead such change procedures. However, a case is now being made for the  examination of different organisational theories or models that provide an alternative outlook on the sources and patterns of organisational transformation in higher education. These theories identify organisations more as developing entities in which change is continuous, often unpredictable and arising mainly from local interactions. The paper examines the implications that acknowledgment of the substitute paradigm might constitute for strategising and change leadership in higher education institutions. It recommends that the compliance of these substitute paradigms of institutional development in higher education itself be a budding growth.

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