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    State-owned Enterprise Ministry and Scholars Working Together in Answering the Challenge of Digitalization

    Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (AJCUI) becomes the host for the 1st National Seminar: The Indonesian Institute of Management Accountants (AIMI) Call for Essay and Paper 2019, under the central theme “Digitalisation and Business Prospect for  State-owned Enterprise (BUMN), as Booster for the Nation’s Economic Growth.”

    In this fast-growing digital era, the competition versus private digital-based company, especially for a financial technology company, is prominent. An organization such as BUMN, which controlled capital resources, and its primary purpose is to give service to the society,  needs to adapt and adjust.

    Gatot Trihargo, Deputy of Financial Services, Surveying, and Consulting Services of Ministry of State-owned Enterprise, says BUMN is expected to reinforce Indonesia as an industrial country and foremost able to support the entire Indonesian community. Trihargo mentions that the government needs involvement from professors, lecturers, and college students.

    “We work closely with universities, particularly in Program Profesor Masuk Desa  (the Professor Goes to Village Program). It is meant for the BUMN to understand problems and solutions for each region or village in Indonesia. The contributions from an educational institution are important for us to enhance Indonesia’s welfare,” explained Trihargo, whose also the Chair for the Indonesian Institute of Management Accountants.

    Microsoft Indonesia Director, Sudimin Mina, talking about the Overview Digitalisation & Cybersecurity readiness, warns about the danger of cybercrime that lurking around the online business in Indonesia. Mina should be the primary concern for every technology user, in the concern of protecting digital data and personal data.

    Dr. Irenius D. Bimo, Dean of Faculty of Economy and Business AJCUI, acknowledge the event as an excellent opportunity for academicians to improve innovation and quality of study in the contribution for National Development in the era of industrial innovation 4.0

    “Atma Jaya Catholic University is improving for a better quality of education by reforming the curriculum, innovation in the learning process, and involving the researcher whose also an active member in a certain industry,” Bimo said.

    By involving the scholars, AIMI hopes it could give a fresh perspective for both Management Accounting in State-owned Enterprise and other stakeholders.

    Twelve major Indonesian universities participated in this event.  AJCUI Master of Accounting study program stated that this is an excellent opportunity for universities and professional associations to build supportive relations.

    “IAMI 1st Call for Essay and Paper meant to bring together the practitioners and researchers across Indonesia dan to enhance the quality of their practical research,” said Dr. Christiana Yuliana, CPMA, head of AJCUI Master of Accounting study program.

    The best three essays or papers from IAMI 1st Call for Essay and Paper are going to participating in ASEAN CPA in Bali. ASEAN CPA is a conference managed by the Ministry of Finance P2PK (which accommodates IAMI, IAI, IAPI) and AMCI ASEAN secretariat for CFOs, professional accountants, auditors in public accountant office and government. Up to 500 professional accountants across ASEAN will be attending this event.

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