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    SRAYA Encourages the Public to Preserve Indonesian Culture through Art

    Sensitivity towards one’s surroundings can help them to better express themselves through their artistic creations. Therefore, if one wishes to take part in the creative world, one has to transform into a sensitive person. This was mentioned by Wastana Haikal, a young Indonesian animator during the artist talk session of Sindikat Ragam Karya (SRAYA) on 3 October 2019. “Talking about culture, it is also sensitivity that allows us to realize how important and interesting it is to integrate the elements of the culture of Indonesia into our artworks especially as the youth of Nusantara,” he said. Furthermore, he explained that the elements of culture in his artworks give unique characteristics that attract the audience, both local and international. Through his work, Haikal expressed his wish to encourage the youth to preserve Indonesian culture.

    On his visit to SRAYA, Haikal demonstrated his amazement toward the hard work and success of President University Visual Communication Design (VCD) students in realizing a national art exhibition. SRAYA is the first art and design exhibition held by the VCD study program. SRAYA raised the theme of “Cultural Transformation” which is in line with the vision of President University’s VCD Study Program, namely the preservation of the richness of Nusantara’s visual culture.

    Other than Haikal, SRAYA also invited Senior Editor of Bumi Langit Comics Media Oyasujiwo, illustrators Rhea Bambulu and Gatot Wijoyo, Motion Graphics Designer Baswara Mursyid, and Canon – PT. Datascript representative Jovan Engelbrecht to share their knowledge and experience in the design world. The three days event that will last until 5 October 2019 does not only consist of art exhibition and artist talk sessions, but also various competitions, live design demonstrations such as mural-painting, hand-lettering, as well as workshops, and live music performances.

    As the first national art exhibition to be held by President University VCD study program, SRAYA received a warm welcome from the public, especially high school and university students. On the first day only, there had been more than 300 visitors to join the festivity of this event.

    The realization of SRAYA has proven the quality of President Univeristy VCD students. This was stated by Fransiska Rachel, S.Sn. M.Ds., the Head of VCD Study Program at President University. “I hope SRAYA can become an annual activity. Through similar activities, students can learn many things that cannot be achieved through in-class study. Students are also trained to adopt exhibition-level standards within their art assignments. That way, President University VCD students will have professional quality and mentality to compete in the world of work.”

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