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    Six FST UNAIR students win awards in Malaysia

    UNIVERSITAS AIRLANGGA NEWS – In the end of 2019, students of Universitas Airlangga have made another achievement at international level. This achievement was made by six undergraduate students of Information Systems, Faculty of Science and Technology (SI FST) in International Exhibition of Research, Idea & Innovation on Creative and Humanizing (RIICH’19).

    The competition was held on December 16-18, 2019 at Convention Hall, Level 5 E-Learning, Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah Campus (KSAJS), Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI), MalaysiaThe coordinator of SI program Dr. Rimuljo Hendradi M.Si., said that UNAIR joined the innovation and creativity event through invitation from the campus collaborating with UNAIR.

    “It was in order to fulfill the invitation for innovation and creativity from campuses that have collaborated with UNAIR,” he said on the telephone.

    There were six innovations with different topics from six students, Hendriyan Ogivano with Med Buddies HIV / AIDS Medication Partner ; Affandy Fahrizain with Smart Watering System for Greenhouse Farmers based on the Internet of Things and Android , and Muhyiddin Ubaidillah with ExSyDiENT: Expert System application for Diagnosis of ENT Disease with android-based Certainly Cactor Method. All of them won gold awards.

    Furthermore, Via Aprilya with Udzkuruni: Application for Blind People to Learn Arabic Braille ; Farissa Riski Rahmadona with Expert System Detecting Stunting in Children Using Certainty Factor Method: A Web Based Application , and Mohammad Ali Asy-Syakir with Comparison of Indonesian Tala and Nazhief Adriani Stemming Algorithms Performance Using Python won silver awards.

    “Muhyiddin Ubaidillah also won Best International Project, and Affandy Fahrizain got the Best Project from IEEE Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society (IEEE SMC),” he added.

    Meanwhile, according to Hendra, Hendriyan Ogivano also received a Silver Award (Category Best Project) with the same topic in Management & Science University on Idea Regeneration Expo 2019 (MSU iREX 2019) event. The event was organized by MSU Faculty of Information & Engineering (FISE) on December 16-17, 2019 at Chancellor Hall, Management & Science University, Malaysia.

    Hendra hoped that the participation would be beneficial for UNAIR, especially for the students concerned. For students, these achievements can enrich their portfolio, experience, insight, new friends, and increase confidence. It can make them easier to get a job.

    “Because at the interview stage, when they have passed the previous stage, they fail in the interview, at the last stage. They feel difficult to answer the question about products they created, what have they created during college. Now they already have the skill to make applications, so that it adds a plus point for them, “he concluded. (*)

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