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    Silver: The commitment of humanitarian mission of Atma Jaya

    Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (AJCUI), in partnerships with United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) and International Labor Organization (ILO) keep collaborating to support refugees coming from various countries. Through many training sessions, AJCUI try to equip the refugees with skills which are hoped to improve their life qualities.

    On Monday (2 Sept) at Semanggi Campus, AJCUI launched Self-Improvement Lesson, Vocational Education for Refugees (SILVER), a guidance program to prepare refugees with knowledge of entrepreneurship and social skills wherever they will reside.

    Herman Yosef Sutarno, the coordinator of SILVER program, thought that the refugees who commonly are still young should be given positive activities in order for them to be productive people and ready to live in heterogenous communities.

    “We will give approaches on how to live in the society and how to socialize with people from different culture,” said Tarno.

    Tano further emphasized that of course it was impossible to change many things. However, it was hoped that the training could stimulate creative ideas for social action especially in the context of refugees.

    It has been one year since AJCUI opened themselves to help refugees. According to Elisabeth Rukmini (Vice Rektor 4 of AJCUI), it is a real commitment of humanitarian mission of Atma Jaya which is in line with AJCUI’s vision, mission and values. Further, she said that this is the form of Atma Jaya’s social responsibility in helping refugees. She hoped that many participants could sow as much kindness as possible in the given opportunity.

    “This is a part of social responsibility. Something that we can do in a small scale. Although it might only bring small impact, at least we can help to maintain decent life quality for the group of people,” she said.

    This program involves five faculties of Atma Jaya, which were: Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Psychology and Faculty of Business Administration and Communication Studies. In the practice, SILVER will involve all layers of civitas of AJCUI, including alumni, students, lecturers and staffs.

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