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    Scientists of SUSU and Oxford University: Joint Inventions

    Working with natural resources requires particular accuracy. Scientists of South Ural State University are working on the improvement of Coriolis flowmeter, the device which became widely used in petroleum industry. The project is intended for its application in order to determine mass flow rate of petroleum, as it is highly important to know the exact amount of this expensive product when selling (or buying) it.

    The research project is being implemented in cooperation with the Laboratory for Self-Monitoring and Self-Validating Sensors and Systems headed by Professor of Oxford University Manus Patrick Henry and SUSU’s industrial partner ElMetro-Engineering LLC.

    “Our university proposed to use a new algorithm for processing primary signals based on the method of matrix pencils. We are working on the creation of a domestic device which would provide high accuracy of flow rate measurement under conditions of two-phase medium flow. In our project, two-phase liquid is a liquid containing gas bubbles,” explains Pavel Taranenko, Head of the SUSU Laboratory of Experimental Mechanics.

    SUSU has patented 2 Certificates of Computer Program Registration and it is going to obtain a patent for invention.

    “Now we are working on the creation of the flowmeter’s mathematical model taking into account the two-phase medium. By combining the algorithms of processing and control and the flowmeter’s mathematical model, we can obtain a computer model. Using this model, we master control algorithms, check measurement algorithms, and then implement our ideas in the flowmeter’s electronic unit.”


    Source: SUSU

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