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    Scholars Call to Save The Earth

    Scholars agreed to implement new discoveries to sustain a healthy environment, save the Earth, and use natural resources wisely. The issue raised during the International Conference on Sustainable Engineering and Creative Computing (ICSECC) 2019 in Bandung (Wednesday, 21 August 2019).

    The conference which brought “New Idea, New Innovation” as the theme is the collaboration between Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Computing President University (Cikarang), with Universitas Siliwangi (Tasikmalaya) as the co-host.

    “Through this conference, we hope that the researchers who come from various backgrounds could share the ideas, experiences, and insights so then will be an amazing innovation in technology development,” said Dean of Faculty of Engineering President University, who is also the General Chair of ICSECC 2019, Dr. -Ing. Erwin Sitompul.

    This conference was opened by Vice Rector of Academics President University Ir. Dwi Larso, MSIE., Ph.D. In his opening remarks, he mentioned that it is an honor to President University to hold this international conference, which covers major areas of research in Engineering and Computing. He also said that President University has the commitment to developing in various areas, especially in terms of research.

    It also presented four keynote speakers, Prof. Poki Chen, Ph.D. from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST), Prof. Datuk Mohd. Razali bin Muhamad from Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM), Assoc. Prof. Tohru Suwa, a lecturer from President University, and Eur. Ing. Prof. J. Scott Younger, OBE from President University.

    During his speech, Prof. Younger said that the irresponsible use of natural resources may accelerate climate change. He also encouraged the participants to seek a human-centered solution to cope with the waste problem, since it relates to not only technical matters but also political will.

    Another keynote speaker Prof. Poki Chen said that harvesting energy from our surrounding is the solution to our problem, and the only way to not harm the Mother Earth. According to Poki Chen, who is currently researching an application with a sensor to detect the excess used of energy, harvesting energy from the sun is the best available option for efficiency.

    ICSECC 2019 is aimed at accelerating scientific discoveries to deal with current problems. Presented journals and articles in the conference would be published on IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) Xplore – an international Scopus indexed research database with computing science and engineering topics.

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