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    AJCUI Student won first place in e-sport at University of Indonesia

    Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (AJCUI) is very proud of the achievement of a student who has reached a performance in e-sport. E-sport itself is a game competition and is recognized as a kind of sports which can stimulate the brain. One of AJCUI students, Richard Ferdinant, successfully got a victory in the e-sport games Mobile Legend category semi-pro. 

    The first time Richard interacted with gaming world started with his playing Play Station 1. Later, he began to play the online games ‘Mobile Legend’. Starting from just for fun until becoming a professional gamer, Richard admitted that his hard work had resulted in high achievement. He tried and learned various games until he could get victory in several tournaments, and one of them is a big tournament held at the University of Indonesia.

    Before, Richard admitted that he just played Mobile Legend for fun, just like other kids. “So the first time I played Mobile Legends, it was just for fun and to play together with friends. Then, I was introduced to gaming teams and participated in tournaments,” said the student of Faculty of Economics and Business.

    In the tournament, Richard successfully became the first winner and received money prize with the amount of 12 million and medal. Aside from being involved in e-sport field, Richard also spends his time studying. Richard, who is a student from the Department of Management, said that study is also significant for him. He manages his time as efficient and effective as possible. The support from his parents also motivates him in doing these two things. His parents also often remind him not to ignore his study.

    Richard then gave some tips to AJCUI students, especially those who are involved in an e-sport, to win tournaments. “Shortly, to win a tournament, you need to practice consistently. I have learned from my own experience. When I didn’t practice, I could not play well,” he said. Before practice, Richard also spends some time to analyse the games for one to two hours so that he can prepare strategies beforehand.

    Latest Posts

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