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    Reviewing the Result of International Environmental Law Agreement, Reynaldo Arya Won the Most Outstanding Delegates in ALSA English Festival MUN 2019

    A student of Law Study Program President University has succeeded won the Most Outstanding Delegates award at the 2019 United Nations Model ALSA English Festival. The MUN was held on 13-16 November 2019 in Semarang. Raising the grand theme “State’s Role to Fulfill Energy Demand Based on Environmental Friendly Aspects”, there are 3 councils competed in this MUN, namely the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), and the Legal Committee.

    Equipped with the knowledge of law that he is currently studying in university, Aldo competed on the council of the Legal Committee with the topic “The Environmental Law Enforcement to Promote Sustainable Environment in Rapid Industrial Development”. “In this council, most of the discussions were about the review of treaties and the international agreement on environmental law, such as the Paris Agreement, Kyoto Protocol, Convention on Biological Diversity,” Aldo said when explaining what material he discussed in the Legal Committee.

    Furthermore, Aldo expressed his feelings for the award he won at MUN. “I am beyond grateful because all the hard work of the research I did was paid off. In addition, I learned that the law should be enforced because if we don’t do it, we will not be able to get the benefit of the law.”

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