Researcher from AL Khwarizmi College of Engineering publish research in an international journal index in Springer Nature


The Iraqi researcher from the Department of Biochemical Engineering at the College of Engineering Al-Khwarizmi in University of Baghdad Professor Dr. (Mohammed A. Atiya ) with a his researcher group (Maad A. Hussein and Ahmed A. Mohammed) published significant article Entitled: (Application of emulsion and Pickering emulsion liquid membrane technique for wastewater treatment: an overview) In journal (Environmental Science and Pollution Research) Filed under (Springer Nature) and Elsevier (Scopus) Q1: With Cite Score 3.14 .Where it was inferred with more than 165 references to enrich the survey with all the information available on the study. The research included a comprehensive study of the use of the liquid emulsion membrane technology after adding nanomaterials to it to treat water and the necessary practical conditions according to scientific studies and relevant research. Organic that can be released into the environment. The ELM technology was developed as the Emulsion Liquid Pickering Film (PELM) by adding nanomaterials to achieve a more stable emulsion for wastewater treatment. In this article, ELM and PELM techniques, preparation methods, characteristics, stabilization methods (i.e., mechanical and ultrasound emulsification), and de-stabilization (i.e., swelling, leakage and coalescence) of the emulsion are reviewed and described. In addition, various parameters that could impact ELM stability, extraction, and recovery, such as emulsification speed and time, surfactant, carrier, internal agent, diluent, stirring speed, internal to membrane ratio, type of organic membrane, and treatment ratio, are also presented and discussed.