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    Rankings and higher education: reframing relationships within and between states

    At present, the higher education landscape has become significantly complicated due to rising demands and constituencies that have a say and influence in forging higher education’s role and purpose. Since the millennium, university rankings have become one of these influencing voices.

    Global rankings serves to demonstrate the internationalised higher education landscape and global economy. They have become a powerful driver and testament to the competency of universities worldwide to compete at this level. These developments have also altered the way in which universities interact with the society as a whole, and vice versa.

    Therefore, QS Asia together with Effat University, has jointly organised the QS in conversation seminar which will be held in London, where we will be discussing on “University Rankings and International Migrant Scholars” – the two of the most important influences on the globalisation of higher education.

    Read more on the working paper by Professor Ellen Hazelkorn

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