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    Qualifications unique to the special education laboratories in the Faculty of Basic Education at the University of Babylon

    The Department of Special Education contains three laboratories, which are the first of their kind in Iraq in terms of content and functionality. They have been established in the years 2014-2015-2016. These laboratories have received considerable support in the presidency of the University of Babylon, represented by Prof. Dr. Adil Hadi al-Baghdadi. One of them is the Smart Lab:

    Smart Lab (SL):

    The Smart Laboratory is the first of its kind in Iraq in terms of design and technology available.


    1. Large interactive screen that works with the calculator for teaching the sign language in addition to its operation in the Android and Windows system. It can be turned into an interactive blackboard to be written by laser or converted to a TV It also has a high resolution 4K display system (Z-Space).
    2. Smart platform that contains a computer screen with a system of storage and storage of files in a very large memory in addition to the presence of a remote control and remote control with the contain three systems and external speakers, and this platform allows the teaching of control all the devices of students with the ability to monitor what The student browses it on his / her own device via the program’s intelligent control system.
    3. (40) Table books book through which students test various thematic and oral and correct the degree directly and can be taught through them.
    4. An electronic program from Intel, the US, which is the latest of its kind in Iraq in the administration of the classroom and teaching and the division of students and control and control.
    5. Interactive desktop screen operating program (Cyber) allows the student to see the latest electronic sources and all the sciences, through which the teacher can choose the material that he wants to explain and dismantle the form to parts with the technology of naming each part, and the student can interact with it through the 3D technology on the screen.
    6. (Z-space), a device that simulates the virtual reality in a manner through which the learner can choose the learning material to be learned and then pull out and grasp the hand and fragmentation and knowledge of components and also can use the electronic microscope to probe in depth and know the exact details. The device can be used for various sciences, the device has been connected to the display technology (4K) is the latest technology has been connected to the interactive smart screen to maximize the use of all students.
    1. Four-angle surveillance camera system (360 °).
    2. Sound system (external speakers and speakers).

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