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    Property Business Opportunities is Wide Open to Millennials

    As the millennial generation is stepping into the most productive stage of their life, it is the right time for them to start a business and investing. Property is one of the industries that can be the right choice for business and investment purpose.

    Last week (17/9), Investment Club of President University held a seminar with the theme “Property Business Opportunities for Millennials” at Charles Himawan Auditorium of President University. It aimed to enhance millennials knowledge about business opportunities in property industries. The seminar invited Mr. Basuri Tjahaja Purnama, the Director of Jababeka, one of the biggest real estate developer company in Indonesia.

    During his speech, Basuri revealed that despite the fact that there are many benefits to invest early and often, most millennials are afraid to invest as they think that it is risky. “You don’t need to be afraid to invest in something, you need to to be afraid if you don’t invest at all,” he said. Invest early will benefit millennials more as there is much time for the investment to grow.

    On this occasion, Basuri explained that property business is one of the right investment for millennials if they have the right strategy for their business. “The key to starting a property business is to observe your current situation well and determine the best strategy to work with it right from the start,” he added. Now that millennials know the best strategy to be used, funding will no longer be the barrier for them to start a property business.

    Basuri also mentioned that investment and business done by millennials was not only beneficial for themselves but also foster national economy development.

    Dian Sukma Deti as Chairperson of Investment Club hoped students could obtain new insight on property business and be a good investor.

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