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    Project of MAI students won an award in China

    The development of the students of Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University) Victoria Boyarshinova and Darya Perepelyuk – complex of environmental monitoring “EcoMonitoring” – won the third place at the First Chinese-Russian Industrial “Innovation Awards 2018”.

    Last year MAI Students, Victoria and Darya won a grant fr om the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation at the Innovative Radio Electronics competition. The victory ensured the entering to one of the 14 best Russian technological projects of the Central Research Institute “Electronics” and a trip for project presentation in front of representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and the Chinese Consulate in the field of electronics and information technology in Xian. In total, 28 projects were submitted to the competition – 14 from the Russian side and 14 from the Chinese side.

    “We had a limited time for the speech,” – admitted Darya Perepelyuk, financial analyst and project manager, – “ In 5 minutes you need to talk about teamwork, the financial efficiency of the project, the markets into which it can be brought. Then followed a series of questions from the jury. Within four minutes it was necessary to maximally specify the points of interest for the experts”.

    The relevance of the project is gaining momentum, and today the team is looking for new ways of development.

    “ For ourselves, we have identified three of the most attractive markets, conducted their analysis in the Russian and Chinese space”, – said Darya. – “An interesting platform for environmental monitoring of industrial plants is probably the most real niche”.

    From 2019, according to Darya Perepelyuk, all enterprises will be ranked in four categories depending on the concentration and hazard of emissions from their production waste to the atmosphere. In this regard, it becomes mandatory for them to have devices on the territory that will monitor these exhausts.

    “Our device can locally evaluate and transmit in real time data on the composition of the air and emissions of harmful substances, thereby preventing possible fines of organizations,” – she explained.

    Also, a good opportunity for a new generation meteorological probe to enter the market is interaction with the Ministry of Emergency Situations. By the way, they have already expressed their interest.

    Of course, such a promising engineering and environmental project could not leave indifferent either the Russian or the Chinese side. Note that in China, in some cities, the problem of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere is particularly relevant. In Russia, it is also important to improve the environmental situation. Therefore, the development has taken its rightful place.

    The solemn ceremony of awarding the winners was timed to the Third Meeting of the Sub-Commission on Industry Cooperation of the Russian-Chinese Commission for the preparation of regular meetings of heads of government and was held in Kunming.

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