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    Princess Nourah University has launched a specialised medical workshops for health colleges students and practitioners

    Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University, represented by the Simulation and Skills Development Center, has launched on Tuesday, February 19, 2019 number of specialised medical workshops that will precede the 10th Medical Career Day Conference which will be held at  the University. The Simulation and Skills Development Center has participated in three workshops targeting Medical students and Colleges in Saudi Arabia in addition to those who are interested in the field of health from doctors and health practitioners. Theses workshops are seeking to open wide horizons in using simulation as a mean of education and training for a professional career.

    The director of the Simulation Center for professional development, Dr. Haifa Malaika, explained that the workshops are designed to teach modern skills as the art of Moulage and the of operating manikins. She added that the hours of attendance at the course have been accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties. The workshops focused on enhancing clinical skills as well as using the latest equipment and medical dolls for education of simulation. The workshops are:

    • learning the basics of surgical suture
    • moulding injuries and accidents
    • learning the basic principles for operating manikins.

    The first workshop focused on the basics principles of Surgical Suture. It was held for the fourth time in a row at the university due to the distinctive presence for these courses from the medical students and health practitioners in different specialties. The workshop was presented by the director of Simulation Center Dr. Haifa Mala’eka. The workshop discussed definition of surgical suture in addition to the principles, characteristics, basics and types of stitches.

    The second workshop focused on teaching the Principles of Operating Manikins. It was presented by the Simulation Specialist Professor Ruwaida al-Husseini and it was targeting audience who are interested in learning the operation of manikins to be able to use the simulation in medical curricula to teach students of medicine in general and interns in particular.

    The third workshop, Teaching the Basics of Moulage Art, was held  at the same time. It was presented by the Senior Simulation Specialist and Certified Trainer in the Advanced Medical Mooulage Reem Al-Ajmi. It has targeted the medical simulation audience from military and medical rescue teams, simulation instructors and clinical skills technicians. It is worth mentioning that “Moulage” is a French word means the art of applying mock injuries and accidents. It is considered an important mean of support in the field of medical education by merging it in different scenarios in addition to the use of simulation for training purposes, providing realism and enhancing the output of training in the medical field.

    The Center for Simulation and Health Skills Development is one of the world’s largest simulation centers in terms of space and equipment. It has recently obtained Certificate of  Accreditation from the American Center “Society for Simulation in Healthcare”. The Center seeks to rehabilitate health personnel from the society through training them at the latest and most important necessary medical skills for the labour market in order to achieve the Saudi vision 2030.

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