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    Primary School Teacher Education of President University inaugurated Pojok Baca to improve the students’ reading interest

    Reading books contributes to expanding knowledge, sharpening ideas, and enhancing one’s creativity. Therefore, reading books is closely related to the advancement of education in Indonesia.

    In order to support the education development in Indonesia, the major association of Primary School Teacher Education (PSTE) of President University inaugurated a library “Pojok Baca” recently. They built the library at the 5 Public Primary School Mekarmukti, Cikarang and was filled with the newest edition of books. This activity was part of the strategy of PSTE students to improve the students’ reading interest.

    Aside from the inauguration of the library, they also held an event with the theme “Payung Pengetahuan”. They read the children some stories and played together with them.

    “Students at the 5 Public Primary School Mekarmukti looked very enthusiastic when they were playing and studying together with us. They even prepared a performance to be shown to us during this event,” said Mikhael Chris (PSTE 2017), one of the students who took part in this event.

    Not only students but the teachers also looked very enthusiastic when participated in this event. “Besides the students who got new knowledge, the teachers also got a briefing about library maintenance and management from Adam Kurniawan Library President University,” Mikhael added.

    Pojok Baca is not only beneficial for students and teachers, but also for the education practitioners. “Pojok Baca is not only a place for students to read, but also is a source knowledge needed by teachers and parents in educating their children. Furthermore, Pojok Baca will be a place for education practitioners to give back to the community by sharing their knowledge and skills to solve the problem within the society,” explained the Head of PSTE Study Program of President University Grace Amialia Anfetonanda Neolaka, S.Pd.Gr., M.Pd.

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