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    President urges University of Indonesia to take the lead for innovation

    President Joko Widodo has urged University of Indonesia (UI) to lead by example through the creation of innovation. UI can take the lead through innovation in organisation, curriculum and methodology to produce quality graduates. The university can also set example in research and downstream industrial development that serves to advance the welfare of the society and help the country thrive at global competition and rivalry.

    However, to meet these expectations, UI will have to improve its curriculum and research programmes such that they are able to conform to the latest technological developments and needs. Tertiary institutions will also have to install the fundamental facilities such as co-working spaces and creative hubs that help drive new innovations and creations.

    In addition, networking will have to be established for innovators and research works must be published and administered. There is a need for education to produce new innovations and creative works. President Jokowi highlighted tertiary institutions as the ideal organisation to undertake as a model for reform. This is because it is an establishment that is responsive to scientific development and adaptive to transformations. Staff at universities are also believed to be the most progressive, open to change, breakthroughs and anticipative.

    As such, President Jokowi hope that universities, particularly UI, will become patrons of the national ecosystem as a response to the fourth industrial revolution. In addition, UI is a university that carries the name of Indonesia, therefore, President Jokowi underscored the institution’s commitment to examine, suggest solutions and policies, and engage actively in the resolution of the strategic problems of the nation.

    Source: Antara News

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