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    President University’s Electro Day Introduced Artificial Intelligence, Sensor Application, and Automation Industry

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution is characterized by a range of new technologies that combine physical, digital and biological worlds of interdisciplinary studies of economies and industries, and even challenging ideas and roles that have been central to humans. Such development requires a commitment to greater automation, connectivity, and globalization. Therefore, in commemoration of the national electricity day in Indonesia, the President University Major Association of Electrical Engineering organized National Electro Day “Together We Light Up the World” seminar to introduce the advancement of technologies within the fourth industrial revolution.

    In this seminar that was held on 7 November 2019 in Adam Kurniawan library of President University, three speakers were present to facilitate the sessions. They were the Lecturers of Electrical Engineering Study Program of President University Iksan Bukhori, S.T., M.Phil, Hendra J. Tarigan, B.S., M.S., Ph.D, and Surawan Setiyadi. The three speakers presented material on artificial intelligence, sensor application, and programmable logic controller in the industrial sector respectively. Their presentation exposed the audience, which was mainly vocational school students, to the greater idea that the industrial revolution is rapidly happening and changed the field application of the theoretical approach of electrical engineering study. Specifically, Surawan presented PLC Omron, a microprocessor that is used for industrial process automation such as supervision and control of machines in the assembly line of a factory, while Hendra presented sensor application that can measure fan rotation per minute with light-emitting diode (LED) blink ratio, and Ikhsan explained the application of artificial intelligence in machine learning. These presentations aim to introduce the young generation on how to run programs or tools commonly used in industry, especially the role of artificial intelligence in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0.

    The Head of Electrical Engineering Study Program of President University Drs. Antonius Suhartomo, M.Eng.Sc., M.M., Ph.D., delivered his hope upon the organization of this event. “It is important for these three topics to be taught early on because these three topics are the basis of electrical science. I hope that millennials can now make the most of technology, not enslaved by technology,” he stated.

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