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    President University Team Won the Grand Economics 2019 “Build Up Economic Industries through Creative Innovation”

    The emergence of successful startup companies proves how youth plays an important role in the nation’s economy. The young generation bears the responsibility to become the agent of change that can deliver fresh ideas to give birth to various new economic resources that will become the driving force of the nation’s economic. Based on this idea, the President University Major Association of Management Study Program organized the “Grand Economics 2019” competition on 15-16 November 2019.

    Grand Economics is an annual event of the Management Study Program of President University and this year is its fourth year this competition has been inviting participants from many universities. This year, Grand Economics raised the theme “Build Up Economic Industries through Creative Innovation”, with the aim to become a platform to accommodate the aspirations and innovations of the younger generations in Indonesia in building Indonesia’s economy.

    The Head of Management Study Program of President University Dr. Dra. Genoveva, M.M. fully supports this competition because the organization has so many benefits, both for the students participating in the competition and the students of the competition committee. “For the participants, they can learn to prepare a business thoroughly and present it. In addition, in the final stage, they were given topics to debate, this activity made them learn to think critically. As for the committee, they learn to hold large events and negotiate with sponsors and vendors supporting the event,” he explained.

    On the same occasion, Genoveva also expressed her joy because the two teams from President University made it to the final round and won this competition. “I was surprised and very happy because the first prize was won by a new generation of students who have studied at President University for only 3 months but had shown extraordinary abilities,” she said. President University team who won the first prize consists of Arista Surya Dharma, Fenita Yuni Pratiwi, dan Salsabila Ramadhita. Meanwhile, the second prize went to PPM School of Management and the third prize went to Telkom University.

    Through this achievement, Genoveva hopes that other students can be inspired and encouraged to take part in similar competitions at national and international levels. Genoveva also explained that she would continue to support his students by holding regular training to prepare students to advance to other competitions.

    Latest Posts

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