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    President University Takes the Initiative to Produce Its Own Hand Sanitizers

    The outbreak of COVID-19 in various countries, including Indonesia, caused a mass panic. This phenomenon then has led to bulk-buying and price-gouging of masks and hand sanitizer in Indonesia. In response to this issue, President University has made several efforts, one of which was to produce its own hand sanitizer.

    Through the President University Student Housing (PUSH), hand sanitizer was made with aloe vera as the main ingredient. Apart from being quite easy to find in Indonesia, aloe vera extract itself is known to have been used as a cosmetic ingredient, hair nourishing product, to disinfectants. For this reason, aloe vera was chosen as the main ingredient in producing the hand sanitizer.

    Aloe vera was picked directly from the PUSH yard, processed with 70% concentrated alcohol and other ingredients into a hand sanitizer which can then be widely used by PUSH residents. For PUSH itself, these hand sanitizers have been placed in 17 points where residents often gather, namely 7 points in the Student Boarding House (SBH) Building, 2 points in the Elvis Apartment Building, and 8 points in New Beverly Hills (NBH).

    The Director of PUSH, Manasye Mahayoni, S.H., M.H., said, “I hope all residents can practice a healthy lifestyle and maintaining cleanliness at all times.  A healthy lifestyle must be started from yourself and be practiced consistently, then others will be influenced by us.”

    PUSH hopes their residents can always maintain cleanliness, practice a healthy life, and will be spared from all kinds of viruses or diseases.

    Latest Posts

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