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    President University Students Won Prestigious Awards in the Indonesia Model United Nations

    The issue of environmental damage due to mining is not a new thing. Careless mining activities can cause landslides, reduce water quality around the mining site, destroy people’s livelihoods, and many others. In response to this issue, Reynaldo Arya, student of Law President University batch 2018 proposed the enactment of universal guidelines that states and private companies are able to follow to ensure mining activities run by maintaining environmental sustainability.

    This proposal was conveyed by Reynaldo in the Indonesia Model United Nations (MUN) event held at the University of Indonesia on 20-23 January 2020. Reynaldo, who represented the United States at that time won the Best Delegates in the United Nations (UN) Environmental Programme Council.

    Another achievement was also won by two other President University students in the same event. They are Mohamad Dafiryan, an International Relations student batch 2018 and Lukas Mikael, an International Relations student batch 2017.

    Dafiryan who represented Russia won the Honorable Mention and Best Position Paper in the UN Security Council with the theme “The Second Libyan Civil War: Resolving Conflicts Among Factions”. Meanwhile, Lukas Mikael who represented Saudi Arabia won the Verbal Commendation in the Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL) Council with the theme “Quest for an Answer: Western Sahara’s Question”.

    Indonesia MUN is one of the most prestigious conferences in Indonesia with 206 delegates this year from all over Indonesia, even the world such as Vietnam, the Philippines, Japan, and the United States. In this event, the delegates who are students have to show their public speaking, negotiation, and critical thinking skills.

    Latest Posts

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