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    President University Students Brought Home Padma Award 2019

    Two students of President University Rachel Viola Sienatra (Management 2018) dan Jevon Patrick Edberth (Information Technology 2018) have successfully brought Piala Padma 2019 home. Representing the Buddhist students community in President University called Keluarga Mahasiswa Buddhis Ashokavadana (KMBA) President University, Rachel and Jevon secured the first place for their short movie “Origami”. The competition was held by the Tripitaka Gatha Development Institute (LPTG). The trophy was awarded on Thursday (10/10) at Pusat Perfilman H. Usmar Ismail  (PPHUI), South Jakarta.

    Jevon, who acted as the scriptwriter and the director with Rachel who acted as the producer claimed that they did not expect to win this competition. “We are proud and very happy to win this competition. I am personally very grateful because through all the movie-making process, I gained a lot of new and interesting experiences,” Jevon explained.

    The short movie Jevon and Rachel worked on for about two months illustrates the beauty of diversity. “This short movie was created due to the fact that there are still many people who do not appreciate diversity, even though diversity is beautiful,” said Jevon. He and Rachel hope that through this movie, they can promote President University and encourage people to appreciate diversity.

    Latest Posts

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