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    President University Students Attended Guest Lecture by the Russian Ambassador to Indonesia H. E. Lyudmila Vorobieva

    President University students attended a guest lecture held at the Russian Center of Science & Culture this morning (10/21). In this guest lecture, the Russian Ambassador to Indonesia H. E. Lyudmila Vorobieva was present to give a comprehensive insight into the diplomatic relationships between Indonesia and Russia in all sectors. She mentioned that Indonesia and Russia will commemorate 70 years of diplomatic relations in February 2020. For this long period of time, there were a lot of meaningful events happened and these events have contributed to the establishment of a close relationship between the two countries. “Russia and Indonesia’s ties become very strong under the President of Soekarno,” she said.

    She further described the interesting fact about Indonesia and Rusia. She revealed, “In Bahasa Indonesia, there are many words that come from Sanskrit and in Russian, we have so many words that come from Sanskrit. So, not only cultural ties but there are also linguistic ties with the Sanskrit between our countries.”

    One of the students of President University who attended the guest lecture Reynaldo Arya said that this lecture was an incredible experience from him. “I felt so happy because I have put my interest in Russia for a long time ago. I have always been curious about the history, culture, and the current situation of Russia and everything was explained well by the Ambassador,” he said. He further mentioned that he gained a new insight into Russia’s perspective on global issues that he would not have obtained from the media.

    Besides the students, the guest lecture was also attended by the official representatives of President University namely the Vice Rector for Communication and Partnerships Handa S. Abidin, S.H., LL.M., Ph.D., the Director of Legal and Secretariat Dr. Dra. Fennieka Kristianto, S.H., M.H., M.A., M.Kn., and the Head of Partnerships Bureau Marissa Astika, B. Sc., M.B.A.

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