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    President University Prepare its Young Actuaries to Face Professional World

    The Actuarial Science Study Program President University, together with President University Major Association of Actuarial Science, held a training entitled “Python for Actuarial Science, Part I: An Introduction”. This training was held on May 14-15, 2020 through Google Meet online.

    Python is a popular high-level programming language, meaning that the language is similar to human language so that it is easier to use to manage complex big data compared to other programming languages. To help students understand the program, three speakers had been invited to provide material during the training. The three speakers were Dr. Rifky Fauzi, Sumatra Institute of Technology mathematics lecturer, Maria Yus Trinity Irsan, Head of Actuarial Science Study Program President University, and Dr. Edwin Setiawan Nugraha, a lecturer at Actuarial President University.

    Maria mentioned that mastering the programming language is important for students and actuaries as an actuary work closely with complex data management. In addition to mathematics and statistics, mastery of data analysis and machine learning is also important. She hopes students can develop their abilities not only in theory but also in practice and ready to face professional work directly later.

    Due to high demand, this training was not limited to President University students but is also open to the public. Many students and lecturers from other universities also participated in this training. Maria explained, even though there was a high demand for this training, the committee still limited the number of participants to 80 people so that the training could be accommodated well.

    Latest Posts

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