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    President University Hosts Webinar on Using Social Media for Running Business Amid Pandemic

    President University organized a webinar to discuss how social media can be used to promote and run a business during the pandemic. It drew approximately 100 participants consisting of students and communication practitioners.

    The webinar started a session with Elbert, The Founder and Head Coach of Empire Fit Club. He talked about the story behind the formation of Empire Fit Club, fitness centers in Jakarta and Bali. By offering a unique fitness concept in Indonesia which is a training boot camp, Elbert wants The Warriors (the name of EFC’s members) to do the workout in a fun way. “I want people to get experience and results that are worth the money they spend when joining the EFC,” said Elbert. He also explained t they engage with The Warriors (a nickname for EFC members) during this pandemic situation by guiding their training online and actively uploading creative content on social media.

    Furthermore, Micheline Cheeryl, the Marketing Manager of Empire Fit Club described the Empire Fit Club’s social media visual content and its importance to compete against its competitors. In this opportunity, she also explained that during this pandemic, they put a lot of effort into producing creative content in real-time and up to date that is uploaded to various channels, such as Instagram and YouTube. They also produce content in the form of a podcast that is still very rarely done by a fitness center.

    This event is a part of the PR Photography and Design Concepts course that is taught by Abhirama S. D. Perdana , in collaboration with Mohammad Shihab and Anathasia Citra.

    “So, the main purpose of holding this seminar is for students and PR practitioners to understand or at least identify that the expertise to design or build a brand is very important. Therefore, the ability to conceptualize design and branding is needed for public relations practitioners to facilitate the audience in solving any problems they face so that the brand still has a loyal audience,” said Abhirama.

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